The Geek Supreme

FYI - Some adult themes are discussed in this episode.  After a break, we're back with plenty to talk about (even if it is old news).  First, we'll check in on everyone's Rotten Tomatoes predictions for Avengers Endgame.  We'll also take time to remember the greatness of the original Chewbacca - Peter Mayhew.  We'll stick with the Star Wars theme and share thoughts on the trailer and the title reveal of Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker and discuss recent Disney Plus announcements.  Finally, we'll discuss Endgame (including spoilers) and listen as Jeff makes Darth Taxus uncomfortable as revenge for texting a spoiler before he saw the movie.  Actually, we were all uncomfortable, but it's still Taxus' fault.  All this, plus random references to Max Headroom, Napoleon Dynamite and bad Spanish.

‚ÄčAs of this episode, The Geek Supreme will post new episodes every other Tuesday.

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