The Geek Supreme
Geek Outs, Uncancelling Shows & The Cosplay Defenders

Special guest is Ron Glass of Firefly.  We discuss the TV shows that should have had toy lines and the TV shows we want back on the air. We learn about a couple of cosplayers that need defending and share the moments when we literally geeked out in the theater.  The assembly gets a report on a possible third season for Legend of the Seeker.

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Daniel Manu of Television Without Pity previews the new geek TV shows coming out this fall.  We discuss the success of The Big Bang Theory.  The Assembly votes on Disney's iPad movie screening.

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Star Wars: Kenobi author John Jackson Miller talks with us about his new book.  We discuss the importance of choosing the right geek lunchbox, the best geek movies of the past summers, geek rumors and news.  The Assembly votes on whether or not Ben Affleck is a good choice to play Batman.

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