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It's a preview the upcoming ABC series, Agent Carter.  We re-visit Peggy's appearances in comics, the Captain America movies and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. while predicting what we might learn about her in the new series.  We take a closer look at the actors, writers and directors involved in the show.  We'll also examine the synopiss of the series and the two hour premiere.  Everyone talks about some of the things they're looking forward to most - including the 1940s backdrop, the tie-ins to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the orgins of some of the unique technology used by S.H.I.E.L.D. and much more!

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A replay of last year's holiday podcast. - Holiday movies, geeky holidays, gifts and how Batman fans can enjoy the holidays.

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We look back at our favorite geek movies, TV shows and characters of 2014.  We also look back on some of Fangirl's best moments from the podcast.  GANNIN joins Twitter.

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In today's Geek Assembly meeting, GANNIN tries out a new tractor beam on the Admiral's flying car.  We meet Amy Marie - the new host that will join the podcast in January.  We also discuss great holiday gift ideas for geeks.  Other topics include Star Trek 3, ideas for more Hunger Games movies (think origin stories) and the new Terminator trailer.

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Jeff Roney (Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast) guest hosts as we discuss the trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  We share thoughts on the roll-out, the reactions and the meaning of the 88 second preview.  We'll also look back on what people said about the first Phantom Menace Trailer.  Other topics include Star Trek IV, The Ewok Adventure, Batman, Supergirl and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them.  Fangirl announces her last show as co-host of the podcast.

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This is a replay of last year's Thanksgiving Special.  We disucss the geeky things we're thankful for and a group of comic convention goers share what geek characters they'd like to thave Thanksgiving dinner with.  Scott introduced his new dog (and his Star Wars inspired name).

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We review the Batman documentary, Legends of the Knight.  We react to the list of 41 Star Wars projects that have been cancelled over the years.  GANNIN tries to be Ultron.

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It's a bonus podcast dedicated to online gaming!  Scott talks to Genese Davis about her about her first MMORPG gaming experience and how it led to her becoming an author, blogger, speaker & hardcore gamer.  She discusses her book, The Holder's Dominion and how it's helped inspire others & help non-gamers understand what all of the passion is about.  Scott & his wife Jenn join World of Warcraft expert Simca to preview the latest expansion - Warlords of Draenor.

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Did you know getting rescued by The Flash could harm you?  What irritates people the most about trailers?  And what did we think about the title of the new Star Wars movie - The Force Awakens?  All of those questions will be addressed in this geek assembly meeting.  We will also discuss Big Hero 6, Toy Story 4 and animated movies.  Bobby Blakey (The Mighty Movie Master) finds out what it's like to be Admiral Eighties. We make a special announcement that we hope you geek out about.

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Adam Holmes of Cinemablend joins the Geek Assembly to discuss the big movie line-up announced by Marvel.  We'll discuss how everything could tie together leading up to the Infinity War and we'll get some background on the Inhumans and the Captain Marvel movies.  We take a look at some of the new creations people are trying to pitch to LEGO.  Merchman finally buys a specific kind of shoe, after Star Wars was branded on it.

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It's Halloween week & it's time for a DARK Geek Assembly meeting.  Dan Zehr (Coffee With Kenobi) joins us to discuss the darkness in stories. When does it work?  When is it meaningless?  Why is it in so many stories?  Those are just some of the questions we attempt to answer.  Also, Taylor Lymbery (The 8-Bit Kid) joins our memorial service for Saturday morning cartoons.

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Justin Bolger from the ForceCast joins the Geek Assembly to discuss good & not so good character names in Star Wars (including Sheev).  We look back on some of the crazy rumors that lead up to the Star Wars prequel trilogy.  We react to some of the latest news and rumors about the upcoming DC and Marvel movies.

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We discuss the thinking behind sequels and reboots of movies from the 1980's (The Dark Crystal, Ghostbusters, Bill & Ted, Top Gun).  Fangirl reports from Geek Girl Con and we look over some news from New York Comic Con.  Why is this episode called Dr. Doom vs. The Muppets? Listen and find out!

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Charli Armstrong (Mystic Maven) guest hosts.  Scott gives his reactions to the first four Harry Potter movies as he continues his attempt to build geek cred on the franchise.  Ed Dolista from the Indy casts shares his thoughts on some recent Indy 5 rumors.  Dan Zehr of Coffee With Kenobi joins the Geek Assembly discussion on Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion, the top 10 villains list and the theory about Boba Fett in Episode IV: A New Hope.  Other topics include The Dark Crystal, the first issue of the female Thor comic, the Guardians of the Galaxy Blu-ray and more.

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Kay from Fangirl Blog, Cory from Coffee With Kenobi & Emily from the Wrong Button Blog join us for a geek roundtable discussion about some of the geek TV shows that premiered last week.  We also discuss what geek TV show we would like to see produced. We decide whether or not there is too much geek culture in movies & television these days.

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Scott talks to author Brian Jay Jones about his in-depth biography on the life of Jim Henson.

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Tricia gives the assembly her spoiler-free review of Star Wars Rebels (the movie & an episode).  We take time to remember Jim Henson by sharing some classic Muppet memories.  News stories include the new Frozen ride at Epcot, texting Groot, Darth Maul's screentime in The Phantom Menace & more.

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Scott talks to John Ross Bowie about playing Barry Kripke on The Big Bang Theory.

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We discuss why people love & hate The Big Bang Theory.  John & Derek from the Gotham TV Podcast join us to preview the upcoming Batman-themed series on Fox.  We get a report from Salt Lake City Comic Con.  GANNIN tries to turn the Geek Assembly meeting into a sitcom.

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Today's Bonus Points features two Once Upon a Time interviews - Lee Arenberg (Grumpy) and Lana Parrilla (Regina/The Evil Queen).

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It's the one year anniversary of the Assembly of Geeks!  Jeff & Colleen Roney of the Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast share their thoughts on the series and the upcoming Frozen-themed season.  Teresa Delgado gives her Dragon Con Report.  We discuss the "Han Shot First" debate and how an rough cut of the Star Wars cantina scene might shed some light on it.  GANNIN tries to figure out the best way to celebrate the anniversary.

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Scott interviews John Jackson Miller about his new book - Star Wars: A New Dawn.  This is a spoiler-free preview of the story which features the characters Kanan and Hera from Star Wars Rebels.

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After a three week mission to bring more geeks to the Fortress, the geek assembly is back - bigger, better and geekier!  In this episode, the Mighty Movie Master, Bobby Blakey joins us to discuss the best and worst geek movies of the summer.  Mark Newbold of Jedi News UK shares his thoughts on the latest round of Star Wars: Episode VII rumors.  Pete Morrison of the Rebels Report talks with the Geek Assembly about what to expect when Star Wars Rebels premieres on TV.  Author John Jackson Miller previews his new Star Wars book: A New Dawn.  Other geek assembly members share their opinions on Rebels, rumors, the new Doctor Who series and the summer movie season.  Plus, some new AoG announcements!

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A look back at some of our best discussions about Batman, including a comparison of the actors who have played Batman/Bruce Wayne, our reaction when the news broke about the Ben Affleck casting, thoughts on the upcoming Gotham series and an interview with Dr. Travis Langley (Batman & Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight).

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Aboard the Geek Seeker, Merchman shares some of the best scenes from Assembly of Geeks this past year - including battles between GANNIN and Admiral Eighties, monsters like the one that attacked us, and explosions caused by experiments gone awry. If you've never listened to an episode of Assembly of Geeks before, this is a great way to find out why this show is truly a geeky podcast experience.

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A look back at the March 25th episode when we discussed Muppets Most Wanted with Ryan Dosier of The Muppet Mindset Blog. Also, we examine the idea of producing a Superman Dies movie.

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We ALL saw Guardians of the Galaxy and we're ready to share our reactions.  Bobby Blakey (the Mighty Movie Master) joins the discussion.  Our geek reports include an awesome Deadpool video, Darth Vader in Episode VII and the Big Bang Theory contract dispute.  Merchman shares what he brought back from Wizard World San Antonio - including an interview with Ivy Doomkitty. We're also making a spaceship like we're in The Lego Movie!

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Some of the Executive Producers of The Quest share their insights on the new reality/fantasty series.  We discuss some of the big announcments, stories and events at this year's San Diego Comic-Con.  Admiral Eighties is having way too much fun with a sword. 

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Ryan Hurley of the Turtle Power Podcast joins the assembly to talk Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the new movie.  We discuss the announcements of a new Thor & Captain America.  Fangirl pitches a new Star Wars series starring Wampas. 

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We examine the rections to a photo posted online with Steven Spielberg & a "dead Triceratops".  We discuss some of the panels, TV shows and collectibles that will be presented at this year's San Diego Comic-Con.

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A look back on the October 23, 2013 episode in which Merchman blows up the Assembly Hall leading to a discussion of geeky top fives.

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We discuss why we're suddenly avoiding Transformers 4.  Admiral 80s attempts to turn his car into a Transformer.  We take a peak at the upcoming 250 greatest moments in sci-fi, fantasy & horror via SFX Magazine.

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We examine incidents where kids were bullied because of their fandom and how the Star Wars community rallied around them. We also discuss Video Games: The Movie and finally get Admiral 80s review of The Lego Movie.  Fangirl returns!

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GANNIN sets off the alarm and causes Admiral 80s to lose a Jenga game.  Justin Cavender of Geek Legacy shares his take on this year's E3.  Aaron Harris of Coffee With Kenobi describes his five week Star Wars Weekends Experience.  We announce the winner of the Star Wars Rebels drawing.

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With special guest host Jen Rhodes from the Anomaly Podcast.  We discuss three recent events that have caused some form of nerdrage and examine the reasoning behind it, including David S. Goyer's comments about She-Hulk, Star Wars Episode VII casting and Princess Leia merchandise.

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This is a REPLAY of the October 1, 2013 podcast - Making the case for the best Starfleet Captain & GANNIN asks some throught-provoking geek questions.

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With Special Guest Host, Jessica Mederson of the Legal Geeks.  We discuss the real life legal issues surrounding S.H.I.E.L.D., Batman, Darth Vader, General Krell, General Zod and more.  Fangirl reports from Star Wars Weekends.

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A giant monster has attacked the fortress!  As a result, we are forced to learn how the miliary would fight Godzilla.  With the fortress in shambles, we attempt to discuss this year's season finales and look ahead to a couple of new geek TV shows.

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We react to the first trailer for the Gotham TV series and discuss Bill Finger's involvement in creating Batman.  With "The Ancient Fear" being rumored as a working title for Star Wars Episode VII, we talk about the importance of movie titles while going over some of the worst of all time.  Bobby shares his review of the new Godzilla movie.

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Superman: Friend or Foe

Was Superman the villain in Man of Steel?  We discuss comments made by Marvel's Joe Quesada about that in today's Geek Assembly. We react to the newly released Star Wars Rebels trailer and the Episode VII cast announcments.  The Mighty Movie Master (Bobby Blakey) reviews The Amazing Spiderman 2.

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As May the Fourth approches, we begin the celebration early!  Join us for an Endor-themed geek assembly where we discuss Star Wars Day, the latest on Star Wars Rebels and Lucasfilm's announcement about the Expanded Universe. 

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Professor Geek (Dan Zehr of the Coffee With Kenobi Podcast) sits down with Merchman (Scott Murray) to discuss how Assembly of Geeks is produced.  This episode includes highlights from past shows, and of course, geek talk.

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Hear some of the big topics and guests from assembly meetings of the past.  Guests include Lou Ferrigno, Fred Tatiasciore, Catherine Hicks and John Jackson Miller, as well as Dan Zehr from Coffee With Kenobi and Ed Dolista from the Indycast.  

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Our special guest is Jen Rhodes of the Anomaly Podcast.  After an action packed opening, we review Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  We discuss geek culture, Star Trek & fandom with Jen.

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Special guest Dr. Travis Langley talks about his book, Batman & Psychology: A Dark & Stormy Knight.  We react to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles teaser trailer.  We discuss whether or not certain characters should ever be re-cast.  GANNIN reminds Admiral 80s what day it is.

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Our special guest is Ryan Dosier from The Muppet Mindset Blog.  A retro Star Wars TV commercial sets the tone for the day.  We discuss whether or not the 1992 graphic novel about the death of Superman can be made into a movie.  We rate our level of excitement for the geek movies of 2014.  Ryan Dosier joins the assembly to talk about Muppets Most Wanted and the future of the Muppets in TV/film.

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Our special guest is Lee Arenberg (Once Upon a Time, Pirates of the Caribbean)!  We examine the TV shows that are going to get renewed, cancelled or  are on the bubble.  We also decide what we would say to George Lucas if we ever meet him.

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Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure turns 25 this year.  So, we feel old and take a look back at it and other movies celebrating the same anniversary.  We examine Ahsoka's impact on Star Wars and get ready to watch the new episodes on Netflix.  We give "Geeky Oscars" to some of the geek movies and characters of 2013.

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Today we remember Egon Spengler (aka Harold Ramis).  Also on the show today, we discuss the recent Star Trek vs. Star Wars debate on King of the Nerds and wonder if the rivalry even exists.  We take a closer look at how Jessie and Andy's mom might be connected in Toy Story.

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Our special guest is Brian Stillman of Plasitc Galaxy: The Story of Star Wars Toys.  We share our reactions to the newly released Guardians of the Galaxy trailer.  We talk about a new documentary on Star Wars toys and some of the controversies surrounding the release of character toys for Star Wars Rebels.

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We discuss geeky cartoons of past and present.  Also, we examine whether or not TV shows like The Big Bang Theory portray geeks in a negative way.  We get a review of Robocop from the Mighty Movie Master.

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Our special guest is Catherine Hicks of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.  We discuss what romances we'd like to have in our favorite geek stories.  GANNIN is acting unusally happy.

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Teresa Delgado joins Fangirl and Merchman to discuss a variety of geek topics including The Big Bang Theory, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Clone Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, Wonder Woman, the Hulk, Star Trek, Harry Potter and more.

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What happened to that 2015 we saw in Back to the Future II?  We discuss what came true and what didn't.  With the announcement of a new female Transformer called Windblade, we examine the concept of robots and gender.

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So how would Queen Amidala fix Star Wars?  In our own way...we have the answer.  We discuss the latest casting news for the Ant-Man movie as Michael Douglas is now Hank Pym and Paul Rudd is Scott Lang.  We attempt to fix some of our favorite geek movies.

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We discuss the latest news surrounding Star Wars canon, Episode VII and the Disney park expansions.  Sarah Woloski (Jedi Tink) steps in for Fangirl.  IndyCast host and special guest Ed Dolista joins the assembly to talk about the Indiana Jones franchise.

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We discuss what geeky movies we want to see this year.  Emily and Peter from the Wrong Button Blog talk with the Assembly about what video games their looking forward to in 2014.  GANNIN struggles to upgrade the security systems at the fortress.

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