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What happened to that 2015 we saw in Back to the Future II?  We discuss what came true and what didn't.  With the announcement of a new female Transformer called Windblade, we examine the concept of robots and gender.

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So how would Queen Amidala fix Star Wars?  In our own way...we have the answer.  We discuss the latest casting news for the Ant-Man movie as Michael Douglas is now Hank Pym and Paul Rudd is Scott Lang.  We attempt to fix some of our favorite geek movies.

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We discuss the latest news surrounding Star Wars canon, Episode VII and the Disney park expansions.  Sarah Woloski (Jedi Tink) steps in for Fangirl.  IndyCast host and special guest Ed Dolista joins the assembly to talk about the Indiana Jones franchise.

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We discuss what geeky movies we want to see this year.  Emily and Peter from the Wrong Button Blog talk with the Assembly about what video games their looking forward to in 2014.  GANNIN struggles to upgrade the security systems at the fortress.

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