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Our special guest is Ryan Dosier from The Muppet Mindset Blog.  A retro Star Wars TV commercial sets the tone for the day.  We discuss whether or not the 1992 graphic novel about the death of Superman can be made into a movie.  We rate our level of excitement for the geek movies of 2014.  Ryan Dosier joins the assembly to talk about Muppets Most Wanted and the future of the Muppets in TV/film.

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Our special guest is Lee Arenberg (Once Upon a Time, Pirates of the Caribbean)!  We examine the TV shows that are going to get renewed, cancelled or  are on the bubble.  We also decide what we would say to George Lucas if we ever meet him.

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Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure turns 25 this year.  So, we feel old and take a look back at it and other movies celebrating the same anniversary.  We examine Ahsoka's impact on Star Wars and get ready to watch the new episodes on Netflix.  We give "Geeky Oscars" to some of the geek movies and characters of 2013.

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Today we remember Egon Spengler (aka Harold Ramis).  Also on the show today, we discuss the recent Star Trek vs. Star Wars debate on King of the Nerds and wonder if the rivalry even exists.  We take a closer look at how Jessie and Andy's mom might be connected in Toy Story.

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