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As May the Fourth approches, we begin the celebration early!  Join us for an Endor-themed geek assembly where we discuss Star Wars Day, the latest on Star Wars Rebels and Lucasfilm's announcement about the Expanded Universe. 

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Professor Geek (Dan Zehr of the Coffee With Kenobi Podcast) sits down with Merchman (Scott Murray) to discuss how Assembly of Geeks is produced.  This episode includes highlights from past shows, and of course, geek talk.

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Hear some of the big topics and guests from assembly meetings of the past.  Guests include Lou Ferrigno, Fred Tatiasciore, Catherine Hicks and John Jackson Miller, as well as Dan Zehr from Coffee With Kenobi and Ed Dolista from the Indycast.  

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Our special guest is Jen Rhodes of the Anomaly Podcast.  After an action packed opening, we review Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  We discuss geek culture, Star Trek & fandom with Jen.

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Special guest Dr. Travis Langley talks about his book, Batman & Psychology: A Dark & Stormy Knight.  We react to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles teaser trailer.  We discuss whether or not certain characters should ever be re-cast.  GANNIN reminds Admiral 80s what day it is.

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