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We examine incidents where kids were bullied because of their fandom and how the Star Wars community rallied around them. We also discuss Video Games: The Movie and finally get Admiral 80s review of The Lego Movie.  Fangirl returns!

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GANNIN sets off the alarm and causes Admiral 80s to lose a Jenga game.  Justin Cavender of Geek Legacy shares his take on this year's E3.  Aaron Harris of Coffee With Kenobi describes his five week Star Wars Weekends Experience.  We announce the winner of the Star Wars Rebels drawing.

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With special guest host Jen Rhodes from the Anomaly Podcast.  We discuss three recent events that have caused some form of nerdrage and examine the reasoning behind it, including David S. Goyer's comments about She-Hulk, Star Wars Episode VII casting and Princess Leia merchandise.

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This is a REPLAY of the October 1, 2013 podcast - Making the case for the best Starfleet Captain & GANNIN asks some throught-provoking geek questions.

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