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A look back at some of our best discussions about Batman, including a comparison of the actors who have played Batman/Bruce Wayne, our reaction when the news broke about the Ben Affleck casting, thoughts on the upcoming Gotham series and an interview with Dr. Travis Langley (Batman & Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight).

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Aboard the Geek Seeker, Merchman shares some of the best scenes from Assembly of Geeks this past year - including battles between GANNIN and Admiral Eighties, monsters like the one that attacked us, and explosions caused by experiments gone awry. If you've never listened to an episode of Assembly of Geeks before, this is a great way to find out why this show is truly a geeky podcast experience.

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A look back at the March 25th episode when we discussed Muppets Most Wanted with Ryan Dosier of The Muppet Mindset Blog. Also, we examine the idea of producing a Superman Dies movie.

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We ALL saw Guardians of the Galaxy and we're ready to share our reactions.  Bobby Blakey (the Mighty Movie Master) joins the discussion.  Our geek reports include an awesome Deadpool video, Darth Vader in Episode VII and the Big Bang Theory contract dispute.  Merchman shares what he brought back from Wizard World San Antonio - including an interview with Ivy Doomkitty. We're also making a spaceship like we're in The Lego Movie!

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