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Scott talks to author Brian Jay Jones about his in-depth biography on the life of Jim Henson.

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Tricia gives the assembly her spoiler-free review of Star Wars Rebels (the movie & an episode).  We take time to remember Jim Henson by sharing some classic Muppet memories.  News stories include the new Frozen ride at Epcot, texting Groot, Darth Maul's screentime in The Phantom Menace & more.

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Scott talks to John Ross Bowie about playing Barry Kripke on The Big Bang Theory.

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We discuss why people love & hate The Big Bang Theory.  John & Derek from the Gotham TV Podcast join us to preview the upcoming Batman-themed series on Fox.  We get a report from Salt Lake City Comic Con.  GANNIN tries to turn the Geek Assembly meeting into a sitcom.

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Today's Bonus Points features two Once Upon a Time interviews - Lee Arenberg (Grumpy) and Lana Parrilla (Regina/The Evil Queen).

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It's the one year anniversary of the Assembly of Geeks!  Jeff & Colleen Roney of the Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast share their thoughts on the series and the upcoming Frozen-themed season.  Teresa Delgado gives her Dragon Con Report.  We discuss the "Han Shot First" debate and how an rough cut of the Star Wars cantina scene might shed some light on it.  GANNIN tries to figure out the best way to celebrate the anniversary.

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Scott interviews John Jackson Miller about his new book - Star Wars: A New Dawn.  This is a spoiler-free preview of the story which features the characters Kanan and Hera from Star Wars Rebels.

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After a three week mission to bring more geeks to the Fortress, the geek assembly is back - bigger, better and geekier!  In this episode, the Mighty Movie Master, Bobby Blakey joins us to discuss the best and worst geek movies of the summer.  Mark Newbold of Jedi News UK shares his thoughts on the latest round of Star Wars: Episode VII rumors.  Pete Morrison of the Rebels Report talks with the Geek Assembly about what to expect when Star Wars Rebels premieres on TV.  Author John Jackson Miller previews his new Star Wars book: A New Dawn.  Other geek assembly members share their opinions on Rebels, rumors, the new Doctor Who series and the summer movie season.  Plus, some new AoG announcements!

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