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This is a replay of last year's Thanksgiving Special.  We disucss the geeky things we're thankful for and a group of comic convention goers share what geek characters they'd like to thave Thanksgiving dinner with.  Scott introduced his new dog (and his Star Wars inspired name).

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We review the Batman documentary, Legends of the Knight.  We react to the list of 41 Star Wars projects that have been cancelled over the years.  GANNIN tries to be Ultron.

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It's a bonus podcast dedicated to online gaming!  Scott talks to Genese Davis about her about her first MMORPG gaming experience and how it led to her becoming an author, blogger, speaker & hardcore gamer.  She discusses her book, The Holder's Dominion and how it's helped inspire others & help non-gamers understand what all of the passion is about.  Scott & his wife Jenn join World of Warcraft expert Simca to preview the latest expansion - Warlords of Draenor.

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Did you know getting rescued by The Flash could harm you?  What irritates people the most about trailers?  And what did we think about the title of the new Star Wars movie - The Force Awakens?  All of those questions will be addressed in this geek assembly meeting.  We will also discuss Big Hero 6, Toy Story 4 and animated movies.  Bobby Blakey (The Mighty Movie Master) finds out what it's like to be Admiral Eighties. We make a special announcement that we hope you geek out about.

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Adam Holmes of Cinemablend joins the Geek Assembly to discuss the big movie line-up announced by Marvel.  We'll discuss how everything could tie together leading up to the Infinity War and we'll get some background on the Inhumans and the Captain Marvel movies.  We take a look at some of the new creations people are trying to pitch to LEGO.  Merchman finally buys a specific kind of shoe, after Star Wars was branded on it.

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