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A repeat of the April 1, 2014 episode featuring an interview with Dr. Travis Langley about the psychology of Batman.

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Scott talks to Hayley Atwell about playing Peggy Carter and the second season of Agent Carter.  She shares her thoughts about the women of the 40s and 50s, classic Hollywood, the line "I know my value", Peggy's power to inspire, and much more.

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Podcasters, listeners,  fanboys and fangirls share their spoiler-free reactions to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  Also, get a look back on the speculation, rumors and debates leading up to the release of the film.

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Jordan Maison (Cinelinx) guest hosts.  We discuss whether or not Luke Skywalker could really ever turn to the dark side (in the films).  We rank the fall TV shows that we watched this year.  We also react to the trailers for X-Men: Apocalypse, Independence Day: Resurgence and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2.  GANNIN tries to mix the geek and holiday spirit.

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Matt Moore (Comic Book Noob) guest hosts.  We discuss Carrie Fisher's reaction to the Slave Leia controversy.  We also talk about the latest trailer for Batman vs. Superman. Everyone announces their geek hopes and wishes for 2016.

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Matt Moore (Comic Book Noob) guest hosts as we look at fan reactions to George Lucas and Severus Snape.  A recent interview by Lucas suggests that fan criticism became too much after while.  Plus, J.K. Rowling reacts to fan responses to Harry Potter's decision to name his son after Snape.  GANNIN tests Matt's trivia knowledge.

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A repeat episode from November 11, 2014.

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Dr. Travis Langley discusses his new book, Dark Side of the Mind: Star Wars Psychology.  We discuss our excitement over the start of the Jessica Jones series. We discuss which characters Marvel may or may not need to bring back in their cinematic universe.  GANNIN attempts to recover after an attack on the fortress.

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Justin Bolger guest hosts as we discuss new developments surrounding Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find them, as well as the new Star Trek television series.

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In today's Geek Assembly meeting we discuss the premiere of Supergirl and its impact on lead female characters.  Scott interviews Masi Oka (Heroes Reborn) about playing Hiro and his gaming company, Mobius Digital.  GANNIN and Jeff attempt to figure out the cause of a Halloween party disaster.

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Scott shares his experiences at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and reminds everyone why he's called Merchman.  We share reactions to the new trailer for The Force Awakens.  We go over a list of the top 30 comic book TV show pilots.

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A look back at last year's Halloween episode in which we discuss darkness and deaths in storytelling.

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Dan Zehr of Coffee With Kenobi joins the Geek Assembly to discuss the new season of Star Wars Rebels.  Richard and Sarah Woloski (Skywalking Trough Neverland) stop by to talk about Star Wars themed Halloween costumes.  We react to some of the merchandise and news that came out of New York Comic Con.  Find out what would happen if Zack Snyder crossed paths with Jeff. 

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Lauren Gallaway joins the Geek Assembly to discuss the upcoming seasons of Arrow and The Flash.  Scott poses an interesting question about when to see The Force Awakens.  GANNIN makes a mess of the coffee shop and tries to cover it up.

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Noah Tarnow brings his Big Quiz Thing questions to the Geek Assembly for a big geek quiz game.  We share reactions to the first week of fall TV.  Amy gets some extreme lessons from Colonel Toutman.

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Clark Gregg & Costume Designer Ann Foley are our guests as we get ready for the third season of Agents of SHIELD.  Clark talks about the evolution of the series, watching reactions on social media, the Marvel property he'd like to write for and more.  Ann talks about her approach to costuming, including developing the outfit for Quake. Also in today's show...Scott, Amy & Jeff discover a secret about Colonel Snubb.

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Justin Bolger joins the Geek Assembly today to discuss two recently published Star Wars lists - the Top 50 Coolest Vehicles and the Dumbest Jedi Council Decisions.  With the fall TV season getting into full swing next week, we discuss the shows that we plan on watching.  The Fortress gets a somewhat unfriendly visitor.  His name is Colonel Snubb, and he's there to conduct a full inspection.


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We discuss Force Friday experiences.  Lauren Gallaway joins a discussion about Time Travel in movies and TV shows.  The Geek Assembly meets their arch nemesis.

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A look back at the March 31st interview with voice actor Trevor Devall (Guardians of the Galaxy) on the Drinks and Geeks Podcast.

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We look back on this episode from January 2015.  Topics include Agent Carter, villain voices, The Lego Movie, Star Wars, Ant-Man and more!

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Lou Mongello talks about being a Disney geek.  Sarah & Richard Woloski (Skywalking Through Neverland) give their report on D23.  Chaos breaks out at The Fantastic Fortress after a unknown villain hacks into its systems.

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Troy Benjamin (Agents of SHIELD Season 1 & 2 Declassified) joins us to talk about the new Declassified book.  We look back on summer movies, and Lauren shares her review of The Fantastic Four.  GANNIN attempts to understand how reviews and ratings work.

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We look back at some of the memorable moments from the past year, including discussions on movies that ruin childhoods, Star Wars Celebration, Marvel character match-ups, dark storytelling, character names and more.

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What's better - an Atari 2600 or the movie 'Pixels'?  We discuss the challenges of turning a video game into a movie.  Later, we react to the new Electra Woman & Dyna Girl trailer and talk about childhood reboots.  Another question we answer in this episode is how He-Man and She-Ra became Thor.

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Matt Moore (Comic Book Noob) joins The Geek Assembly to discuss Ant-Man and a new theory regarding Jared Leto's Joker in Suicide Squad.  We examine a preview of the upcoming Star Wars book - Aftermath.  We'll also listen to two play-by-play announcers freak out after a gamer celebrates too early.

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Lauren Gallaway joins Jeff and Scott to discuss Day 4 of San Diego Comic-Con, as well as news about Star Wars, Deadpool, The Muppets, Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Batman vs. Superman, X-Men and more.

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Scott shares news and notes from Saturday's San Diego Comic Con - including Warcraft, Deadpool, The Muppets, Vixen, Batman vs. Superman and more.

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We cover more news, announcements and events at San Diego Comic-Con.  Topics include Batman, Vikings, The Walking Dead, Agent Carter, Star Wars, The Last Ship, collecting, comics and more. 

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We share news, announcements and reactions from San Diego Comic-Con on Supergirl, Star Wars, Doctor Who, The Hunger Games, Batman vs. Superman, Sherlock, Star Trek, World of Warcraft and more.

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We look back on Gremlins and discuss memories, reactions, reboots and more. Scott interviews Zach Galligan about his role in the movie.

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We take time to remember composer James Horner during the Geek Assembly meeting today.  Matt Moore (Comic Book Noob) joins us to discuss a new book that highlights lesser known and "regrettable" comic book characters.  We hope you find today's podcast to be better than just "Meh".

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Sarah & Richard Woloski join the Geek Assembly to discuss the Season 2 premiere of Star Wars Rebels.  Amy shares San Diego Comic-Con advice.  GANNIN plans the first Fantastic Fortress comic convention.

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In today's Geek Assembly meeting, we discuss whether or not The Matrix ruined the sci-fi genre and whether or not Batman Returns is the best representation of DC Comics' Dark Knight.  Scott and Amy share their reviews on Jurassic World.

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Genese Davis makes a memorable entrance and tells us about her takeover of E3. Rikki Niblett (Be Our Guest Podcast) joins the Geek Assembly meeting and shares tips for planning a summer trip to Disneyworld.

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A repeat of our January 14, 2014 episode with Sarah Woloski (Skywalking Through Neverland), Dan Zehr (Coffee With Kenobi) & Ed Dolista (The Indycast).  We discuss the Indiana Jones movies, the Lucasfilm Story Group, Star Wars Rebels, Rocket Raccoon and more!

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Justin Bolger and Lisa Granshaw join the Geek Assembly to discuss the state of the Star Wars Fandom going into The Force Awakens.  We discuss the season finales of The Flash, Arrow, Gotham and GRIMM. GANNIN wants to create a season finale for the podcast.

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Matt Moore and Regina Davis of Comic Book Noob stop by to talk about the new podcast and their passion for comics.  Geek Kay (FANgirl Blog) and Rebecca Johnson (Supergirl Radio) join the Geek Assembly to discuss some of the recently fall TV trailers.

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In today's Geek Assembly meeting, we have an in-depth discussion on Avengers: Age of Ultron with Russ Burlingame of  We also look over some of the TV shows that recently got cancelled and renewed.  GANNIN attempts to replace Admiral Eighties on the Geek Assembly.

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We ponder what it would be like to take part in an all day movie marathon (like the one Marvel did).  In the Geek Assembly meeting, we discuss the upcoming TV upfronts and how we feel about the 2014-2015 TV season.    

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John Wenz (Popular Mechanics) joins the Geek Assembly to discuss the functionality of BB-8, the new droid in The Force Awakens.  Scott & Jeff share more Star Wars Celebration memories.  We announce a new comic book podcast!

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Scott's Star Wars Celebration Anaheim interviews with artist/author Jeffrey Brown and Star Wars book narrators Mark Thompson, Jonathan Davis & January LaVoy.

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Listen to audio from a Q&A with Ashley Eckstein and the Star Wars Rebels press conference featuring Dave Filoni, Simon Kinberg, Freddie Prinze, Jr., Vanessa Marshall, Tiya Sircar, Taylor Gray and Steve Blum.

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Scott and Jenn look back on memorable moments and big takeaways from Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.

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Scott talks about his Star Wars Rebels themed day, including sharing clips from a Rebels press conference and reactions to the Season 2 premiere (with Dan Zehr of Coffee With Kenobi).

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Scott shares what he saw at the Battlefront panel.  Also, clips from interviews with Jeffrey Brown, Mark Thompson, January LaVoy and Jonathan Davis.  Hear an exclusive clip from the book Lords of the Sith.  Amy Ratcliffe (Full of Sith) talks about the new trailer, Star Wars journalism, Ahsoka Lives Day and more.

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Scott reports back from his first day at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim as he attempts to get into the arena to see J.J. Abrams & Kathleen Kennedy at Opening Ceremonies.  Jordan Maison (Cinelinx) joins him to react to the new teaser trailer for The Force Awakens.

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A repeat of the October 21, 2014 episode where we discuss the great & no-so-great names Star Wars universe.

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GANNIN plays a little geek word association game with the assembly.  We discuss plans for Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.  Scott reviews 'It Follows'.  Lauren Gallaway guest hosts for Amy.

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Chris Evans joins the Geek Assembly to discuss Age of Ultron.  Jordan Maison of Cinelinx reports on a new Star Wars TV series.  We also look into the rumors of a new Star Trek TV series.  We look ahead to Avengers: Age of Ultron and more geeky summer movies.

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Scott talks to Trevor Devall about his voice acting career and landing the role of Rocket Raccoon in the Guardians of the Galaxy animated series.

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It's time to put some GEEK into March Madness as Lauren Gallaway & Pete Benavides (Scene N Nerd Podcast) join us for our own tournament.  There are 32 characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe competing.  Who will make the Final Four and win it all?  Listen and find out!

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After Paul Feig was told his Ghostbusters movie would ruin childhoods, we decided to figure out if that was even possible.  So, that's what this week's Geek Assembly meeting is all about.  Amy shares stories from Paleyfest.  Other topics include Tron 3, dancing Groot, 20 new Star Wars books and Agent Carter.

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Scott talks to Dan Zehr (Coffee With Kenobi), Amy Ratcliffe (Full of Sith) & Pete Morrison (Rebels Report) about the first season of Star Wars Rebels.  

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Jenna Busch (Legion of Leia), Andy Behbakht (The Flash Podcast) and Rebecca Johnson (Supergirl Radio) join the Geek Assembly this week.  Jenna shares her thoughts on the Princess Leia #1 comic, while Andy and Rebecca discuss what's happening on The Flash and Supergirl.  Other topics include Fish Mooney's future in Gotham, the new Age of Ultron trailer and the plot for Toy Story 4.

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Lauren Gallaway & Kayla LaFrance join us as we remember Leonard Nimoy - including his music, movies & best Spock moments.

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It's the recap and review of Agent Carter's season finale.  We look back on some funny mistakes we made in previous episodes.  We also discuss what we liked about the show & the possibilities for a season 2.

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A look back at an episode that ran in June 2014 in which we discussed how the Star Wars fandom rallied around two young girls that had been bullied for their fandom. We examined an article that discussed which stories help kids tell the truth.  Daniel Radcliffe shared what superhero franchise he'd like to be part of.

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The Peggy Carter Podcast: SNAFU

We discuss this week's episode of Agent Carter - SNAFU.

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Josh Brown (40 Going on 14 Podcast) joins us to discuss whether or not movies like The Goonies can exist anymore.  We examine the status of X-Men & Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Lacey Valle reviews Kingsmen: The Secret Service. We react to an article that lists movies that should've been shorter.

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We discuss the Agent Carter episode called A Sin to Err.

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Pat Loika joins us to discuss the A-Force announcement and the Daredevil trailer. Tony Kim shares his thoughts on the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead. Lauren Gallaway reports back from The Marvel Experience.  Scott talks about his first time playing the new Star Wars Battle Pod game.  Amy explains what it's like to take part in some of The CW's pre-show fan talks.  We discuss the rumor about John Diggle becoming Green Lantern.  Bobby Blakey guest hosts.

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We break down the latest episode of Agent Carter - The Iron Ceiling.  We discuss the changing attitudes towards Peggy, the Black Widow program, the return of the Howling Commandos and more!

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We dig up a 2013 article about the psychology of Star Wars and Star Trek and decide if there's a good comparison.  GANNIN asks a series of geeky questions about Star Wars planets, the Harry Potter Sorting Hat, old video games and more.  Scott talks about how he might use a new World of Warcraft feature that lets characters take selfies.  Other topics include Joss Whedon's female Batman idea, Season 2 of Star Wars Rebels, Arrow books and a Supergirl villain.  (Lauren Gallaway guest hosts for Jeff McGee.)

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We discuss the latest episode of Agent Carter - The Blitzkrieg Button.  Topics include Howard Stark's deception, a special cameo, the photo pen and Dottie's ability to kill a man without messing up her hair.

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Bobby Roberts of the Full of Sith Podcast joins us to discuss Star Wars news and fan theories, including whether or not Disney trashed George Lucas' ideas for Episode VII, a possible trap Obi-Wan Kenobi set for Darth Vader, what might have actually killed Padme Amidala and more.  Adam Holmes (Cinemablend, The Flash Podcast) breaks down the Marvel Comics announcement about ending their universe this year.  Other topics include Star Trek 3, X-Files and Supergirl.

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The new coffee house is open at the fortress (and you're going to love the geeky name).  Scott and Amy discuss the second half of the season for The Flash and Arrow.

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We re-cap and react to the episode, "Time & Tide".  We also look at how Agent Carter is faring in the ratings.  We share more reactions from viewers and listeners.

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Agent Carter has everyone in the fortress trying to make cool gadgets.  We have Jeff share his thoughts on Agent Carter and we all discuss the Ant-Man teaser.  There's somone on Facebook that has earned the name Great Grandma Flash & it's hilarious. We examine and react to a list that claims to feature the top 12 villain voices of all time.

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We review the two hour season premiere of Agent Carter.  We also read reactions to the show on Twitter and share positive feedback about the podcast - including a message from a writer/producer of Agent Carter.

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The first Geek Assembly meeting of 2015 features a new host, a whoopee cushion, a bow, an arrow, Howdy Doody, Captain Janeway, Yu-Gi-Oh, age confusion, all kinds of fandom & much more!  Amy Marie (Agent Archer) joins us for the first time as we discuss topics like Gotham, superhero movies, Yoda, Star Wars, Star Trek and sci-fi movies.

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