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We discuss the latest episode of Agent Carter - The Blitzkrieg Button.  Topics include Howard Stark's deception, a special cameo, the photo pen and Dottie's ability to kill a man without messing up her hair.

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Bobby Roberts of the Full of Sith Podcast joins us to discuss Star Wars news and fan theories, including whether or not Disney trashed George Lucas' ideas for Episode VII, a possible trap Obi-Wan Kenobi set for Darth Vader, what might have actually killed Padme Amidala and more.  Adam Holmes (Cinemablend, The Flash Podcast) breaks down the Marvel Comics announcement about ending their universe this year.  Other topics include Star Trek 3, X-Files and Supergirl.

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The new coffee house is open at the fortress (and you're going to love the geeky name).  Scott and Amy discuss the second half of the season for The Flash and Arrow.

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We re-cap and react to the episode, "Time & Tide".  We also look at how Agent Carter is faring in the ratings.  We share more reactions from viewers and listeners.

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Agent Carter has everyone in the fortress trying to make cool gadgets.  We have Jeff share his thoughts on Agent Carter and we all discuss the Ant-Man teaser.  There's somone on Facebook that has earned the name Great Grandma Flash & it's hilarious. We examine and react to a list that claims to feature the top 12 villain voices of all time.

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We review the two hour season premiere of Agent Carter.  We also read reactions to the show on Twitter and share positive feedback about the podcast - including a message from a writer/producer of Agent Carter.

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The first Geek Assembly meeting of 2015 features a new host, a whoopee cushion, a bow, an arrow, Howdy Doody, Captain Janeway, Yu-Gi-Oh, age confusion, all kinds of fandom & much more!  Amy Marie (Agent Archer) joins us for the first time as we discuss topics like Gotham, superhero movies, Yoda, Star Wars, Star Trek and sci-fi movies.

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