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Justin Bolger and Lisa Granshaw join the Geek Assembly to discuss the state of the Star Wars Fandom going into The Force Awakens.  We discuss the season finales of The Flash, Arrow, Gotham and GRIMM. GANNIN wants to create a season finale for the podcast.

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Matt Moore and Regina Davis of Comic Book Noob stop by to talk about the new podcast and their passion for comics.  Geek Kay (FANgirl Blog) and Rebecca Johnson (Supergirl Radio) join the Geek Assembly to discuss some of the recently fall TV trailers.

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In today's Geek Assembly meeting, we have an in-depth discussion on Avengers: Age of Ultron with Russ Burlingame of  We also look over some of the TV shows that recently got cancelled and renewed.  GANNIN attempts to replace Admiral Eighties on the Geek Assembly.

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We ponder what it would be like to take part in an all day movie marathon (like the one Marvel did).  In the Geek Assembly meeting, we discuss the upcoming TV upfronts and how we feel about the 2014-2015 TV season.    

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