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Sarah & Richard Woloski join the Geek Assembly to discuss the Season 2 premiere of Star Wars Rebels.  Amy shares San Diego Comic-Con advice.  GANNIN plans the first Fantastic Fortress comic convention.

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As we get ready for the Ant-Man movie, we discuss Hank Pym, Scott Lang and the the comic books.

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In today's Geek Assembly meeting, we discuss whether or not The Matrix ruined the sci-fi genre and whether or not Batman Returns is the best representation of DC Comics' Dark Knight.  Scott and Amy share their reviews on Jurassic World.

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Genese Davis makes a memorable entrance and tells us about her takeover of E3. Rikki Niblett (Be Our Guest Podcast) joins the Geek Assembly meeting and shares tips for planning a summer trip to Disneyworld.

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Scott, Matt & Regina discuss The Atom - his appearances on Arrow and the comic books.

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A repeat of our January 14, 2014 episode with Sarah Woloski (Skywalking Through Neverland), Dan Zehr (Coffee With Kenobi) & Ed Dolista (The Indycast).  We discuss the Indiana Jones movies, the Lucasfilm Story Group, Star Wars Rebels, Rocket Raccoon and more!

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