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We discuss Mockingbird's unique journey through the comic books and examine the differences and similarities of her portrayal on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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Clark Gregg & Costume Designer Ann Foley are our guests as we get ready for the third season of Agents of SHIELD.  Clark talks about the evolution of the series, watching reactions on social media, the Marvel property he'd like to write for and more.  Ann talks about her approach to costuming, including developing the outfit for Quake. Also in today's show...Scott, Amy & Jeff discover a secret about Colonel Snubb.

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Genese interviews Susan Cummings, who has over 15 years experience in the gaming industry.  Her experience includes playing a key role in the development of games like Grand Theft Auto, Bioshock and Civilization.  Now she and her husband Lee run Tiny Rebel Games and manage the popular mobile game, Doctor Who: Legacy.  Also, Genese answers questions about her MMORPG experience, the impact of villains in stories and more.

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Justin Bolger joins the Geek Assembly today to discuss two recently published Star Wars lists - the Top 50 Coolest Vehicles and the Dumbest Jedi Council Decisions.  With the fall TV season getting into full swing next week, we discuss the shows that we plan on watching.  The Fortress gets a somewhat unfriendly visitor.  His name is Colonel Snubb, and he's there to conduct a full inspection.


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We examine why Aquaman gets such a bad wrap and decide whether or not he deserves it.  Regina and Matt share their thoughts on what Jason Mamoa will bring to the film version of the character.

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We discuss Force Friday experiences.  Lauren Gallaway joins a discussion about Time Travel in movies and TV shows.  The Geek Assembly meets their arch nemesis.

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A look back at the March 31st interview with voice actor Trevor Devall (Guardians of the Galaxy) on the Drinks and Geeks Podcast.

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