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Dan Zehr (Coffee With Kenobi) joins us to discuss Rogue One.  We talk about the characters, the Easter Eggs, Darth Vader, rankings and more.  Also in this episode, we react to the announcement that a Gotham City Sirens movie is in the works. Finally, the geeks attempt to defeat The Troll once and for all.

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This week we talk with author Brian Jay Jones about his new book, George Lucas: A Life.  We also discuss to Daisy Ridley's comments about Rey's parents.  We'll also react to the new trailers for Spider-Man: Homecoming and War For the Planet of the Apes.  Matt Moore guest hosts.

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Before we go see Rogue One and react to it, we take time this week to look back on the other movies we saw this year.  We talk about the movies we liked, the ones that disappointed us and the films we didn't get a chance to see. Other topics in this week's podcast include the new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 trailer, the confirmation that Rogue One will NOT have an opening crawl, early impressions from 28 minutes of Rogue One, the announcement of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child coming to America and Spider-Man's classic costume upgrade.

All this and a big announcement is made about our plans for 2017.

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This week, we review Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  We'll also discuss a fan theory about the film being a Voldemort prequel and another about Ariana Dumbledore's condition.  Other topics this week include remembering Ron Glass, Parker Posey's role in the Lost in Space Reboot, all of the superhero movies coming out in 2017 and actors who could play a young Dumbledore.  All this, and Emily shows off her wand skills.

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This week we take a look at some early reactions to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and look back on Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.  We also react to the frustrations surrounding the release of the Nintendo Classic NES game system.  Other topics this week include the passing of Robert Vaughn, the proposed Big Bang Theory spin-off and the appearance of Chewbacca in the Han Solo movie.

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Today's special guest is Hall Hood.  Hall is the Studio Lead Writer for BioWare in Austin, Texas.  Over the last nine years, he's developed storylines, dialogue characters and background lore for Star Wars: The Old Republic.   He also worked on the recent Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion.  He's a co-author of the official Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia published by DK Books.  He co-wrote "The Descent"…the Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC.  Also this week, Scott and Genese discuss some of the news coming out of this year's Blizzcon.

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Back to the Future II almost predicted the year that the Chicago Cubs won The World Series.  However, there are plenty of other movies that correctly predicted the future.  We discuss them.  Also, to scroll or not to scroll?  We discuss whether or not it's important for Star Wars: Rogue One to have an opening scroll. Other topics in this episode include Bryan Fuller leaving the new Star Trek series, whether or not we need a Flash movie, as well as reactions to trailers for Wonder Woman, Logan and The Lego Batman Movie.

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We look back on a December 2014 podcast episode that featured our reactions to the first teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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This week, Ophidian the Cobra joins The Geek Assembly.  He talks about Chikara Wresting and how it infuses geek culture into storylines.  Other topics in this episode include the idea of a Superman spin-off series, the new Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 teaser, the casting of Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian and the inspirations for the upcoming Aquaman movie.  Jeremiah Stewart (Bombad Radio) guest hosts for Jeff.

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We finally started watching Luke Cage, and today we share some early reactions. We also discuss some of the news coming out of this year's New York Comic-Con, including a new Batman animated movie, a classic character comic-book crossover, the new Power Rangers trailer, Hayley Atwell's new Agent Carter role and more.

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Our special guest this week is Johnny Pemberton of Son of Zorn.  Scott talks to him about what it's like to be in a show with an animated character.  We discuss and review this year's Rogue One-inspired Force Friday.  Other topics discussed this week include a Star Wars Rogue One toy movie contest, a big Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them event and an awesome fan-made Indiana Jones animated trailer.

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We're back for our FOURTH SEASON and to start things off, GANNIN miraculously pulls Scott, Jeff and Amy our of 1985!  They're back just in time for a Geek Assembly meeting discussion about possible ideas for future Star Wars spin-off movies.  Other topics this week include a record breaking month for comic books, a new Syfy series produced by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, the story behind the punk rocker in Star Trek IV, a Fruit Ninja movie and other video game movies in development.

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It's our season finale!  Emily reviews Harry Potter & the Cursed Child, and we react to the new Rogue One trailer.  We'll also highlight some intriguing films that come out this fall.  We get a little too comfortable with GANNIN's "working" teleportation system.

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This week we review Suicide Squad and discuss the production drama, fan reactions and the constant rift between critics/fans.  We also look back on summer movies and pick our favorites, surprises and disappointments.  GANNIN continues to work on his teleportation system.

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Matt Moore (Comic Book Noob) joins us to review The Killing Joke.  We also discuss the controversy surrounding the film.  All of us have seen Star Trek Beyond, but we all don't share the same opinions about it.  We'all also discuss the new Justice League and Wonder Woman trailers.  GANNIN attempts to make teleportation possible.

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A look back on the November 19th, 2014 episode.  We discussed the Legends of the Knight documentary and cancelled Star Wars projects.  GANNIN attempted to become Ultron.

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Bobby Blakey (Hollywood Matrimony) guest hosts for Jeff as we review Ghostbusters and discuss the news that came out of Star Wars Celebration Europe.  We also talk about what more can be done with the Indiana Jones franchise.  GANNIN tries to use Pokemon Go to his advantage.

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We take a look at some of the highlighted panels and events at this year's San Diego Comic-Con.  As we get ready for the new Ghostbusters movie, we look back at the attempts to make a Ghostbusters 3 with the original cast.

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This week we discuss the new rules for Star Trek fan films that were released by Paramount/CBS last month.  Also, Emily talks about her first trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in California.  Find out what lizards and Barney the Dinosaur have in common.

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We're taking a break this week, so you can catch up on the podcasts you've missed!

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Cory Vincent and Aaron Carter from Video Game Bang join us to discuss some of the announcements that came out of this year's E3.  Scott interviews Eric Zala and Chris Strompolos about their Raiders of the Lost Ark adaptation.  GANNIN creates a new alarm system.

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With Father's Day upon us, we take some time to celebrate geek dads this week.  It all starts with a conversation with Regina Davis (Comic Book Noob) and her father Mark Davis.  Matt Moore and other Geek Assembly members share thoughts on being geek dads.  We also discuss topics surrounding Transformers, Captain America, Star Wars, Netflix, The Killing Joke and more.  The Troll finally makes another appearance.

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Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is getting a Director's Cut Blu-ray release this week. We discuss what we love about the movie and some of the challenges it faced while getting produced.  We also examine a list of famous actors that turned down superhero movie roles.  Sergeant Soaker hopes to get The Troll's (and Jeff's) attention.

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Russ Burlingame ( joins us to talk about the Captain America Hydra reveal and the fan reactions that followed.  We also discuss Jordan Maison's ( call for people in fandom to have thicker skins. GANNIN initiates his plan to lure The Troll out of hiding.

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The DC Comics Rebirth event starts this week, and Matt Moore is here to shed some light on what it all means.  We react to several new trailers for upcoming television shows, as well as new trailers for Ghostbusters and Star Trek Beyond.  We continue to investigate recent activities of The Troll.

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Emily Kelley joins us for the first time as a Geek Assembly Leader!  Unfortunately, we have to discuss the cancellations of Agent Carter, The Muppets and Disney Infinity.   We do our best to keep our spirits up, and GANNIN decides to take it upon himself to open a suspicious package.

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We've missed a few weeks, so we have a lot to talk about.  It all starts with spoiler-free reactions to Captain America: Civil War.  We also discuss The Killing Joke trailer, Paul Feig's frustration with angry fans and more.  Amy steps down as a regular host, but will be back to talk more geek stuff in the future.

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Dan Zehr (Coffee With Kenobi), Jeremiah Stewart (Bombad Radio) & Matt Moore (Comic Book Noob) join us for an in-depth discussion about Batman vs. Superman. Scott shares an update on the podcast delays.

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Scott explains why there isn't a new Assembly of Geeks podcast this week.

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Scott looks back on some of the crazy things that happened at The Fantastic Fortress in 2015, including the invention of a shrink-ray, the idea for a fortress convention and the dreams of time travel.

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We react to the news about a new Indiana Jones movie and attempt to figure out what it means for the future of the franchise.  We also share early reactions to the second season of Daredevil.  The Troll continues to wreak havoc on the fortress.

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Matt Moore (Comic Book Noob) and RuthAnn Thompson (Geek Chic Promotions) join us for our "March Madness" Heroes & Villains Tournament.  This year it all starts with 16 characters from the DC Comics Universe.  We also react to the first trailer for the new Ghostbusters movie, as well as the second trailer for Captain America: Civil War. When GANNIN begins to act strangely, the geeks fear The Troll might be causing trouble again.

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A look back on a February 2014 episode where we interview Brian Stillman.  He directed a documentary about Star Wars toys called Plastic Galaxy.  This was also the episode where we shared our reactions to the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer.

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We discuss the Season 2 finale of Agent Carter - Hollywood Ending.  We also speculate on a third season and read messages from some of the cast/crew.

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Scott interviews Jessica Lucas (Gotham) about Wrath of the Villains.  We talk about reactions to last week's Batman vs. Superman discussion.  We also examine the possible impact of Deadpool on future comic book movies.  GANNIN makes a mess of the coffee shop.

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We discuss this week's two-hour Agent Carter event - The Edge of Mystery and A Little Song & Dance.

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We examine a report that Warner Brothers is worried about Batman vs. Superman and attempt to figure out if it makes any sense.  Scott asks people at Dallas Comic-Con Fan Days about different character battles.  GANNIN attempts to add weapon systems to his physical form.

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We discuss the two hour Agent Carter event that featured the episodes Life of the Party and Monsters.

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Guest host Jeremiah Stewart (Bombad Radio) joins us this week.  We react to the third and final Batman vs. Superman trailer.  We also examine a list of "dateable heroes" and make some necessary additions.

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We discuss this week's episode of Agent Carter - The Atomic Job.

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A look back at a Geek Assembly meeting that took place on January 6, 2015.  It's Amy's first meeting with us, and we discuss our generational differences when it comes to fandom.

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We discuss and recap this week's episode - Smoke & Mirrors.

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Matt Moore (Comic Book Noob) joins us to discuss some comic book topics, including the announcement of the Archie TV series, the Hanna Barbera comic series and the times when Batman and Superman have had to kill their enemies.  We also discuss which movies we'd like to see in theaters.

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We discuss this week's episode of Agent Carter - Better Angels.  We also take a closer look at this season's TV ratings.

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We discuss Legends of Tomorrow, the Suicide Squad trailer, the Wonder Woman footage and other reveals about the DC Cinematic Universe.  We also go through a list of geek movies in 2016 and gauge our level of interest.  Jeff chooses a unique way to use time travel.

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We discuss the two hour premiere of Agent Carter, covering the first two episodes - The Lady in the Lake & A View in the Dark.  We react to what we saw while theorizing what might happen throughout the season.

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Our special guest is Ciara Renee from DC's Legends of Tomorrow.  She talks about the experience of being Hawkgirl and her thoughts on the spin-off series.  We discuss the petition to make Deadpool a PG-13 movie and react to the new Star Wars Rebels trailer.  We also take time to remember David Bowie and Alan Rickman.

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We get everyone ready for the second season of Agent Carter by discussing returning cast members and new storylines.  You'll hear interviews clips from Hayley Atwell, Wynn Everett and Reggie Austin.

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We share our thoughts on The Force Awakens and discuss some of the complaints about it.  We also examine the controversy surrounding Rey and Star Wars merchandise.  The narrator loses his voice and GANNIN scrambles to fix the problem.

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