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We discuss this week's episode of Agent Carter - Better Angels.  We also take a closer look at this season's TV ratings.

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We discuss Legends of Tomorrow, the Suicide Squad trailer, the Wonder Woman footage and other reveals about the DC Cinematic Universe.  We also go through a list of geek movies in 2016 and gauge our level of interest.  Jeff chooses a unique way to use time travel.

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We discuss the two hour premiere of Agent Carter, covering the first two episodes - The Lady in the Lake & A View in the Dark.  We react to what we saw while theorizing what might happen throughout the season.

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Our special guest is Ciara Renee from DC's Legends of Tomorrow.  She talks about the experience of being Hawkgirl and her thoughts on the spin-off series.  We discuss the petition to make Deadpool a PG-13 movie and react to the new Star Wars Rebels trailer.  We also take time to remember David Bowie and Alan Rickman.

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We get everyone ready for the second season of Agent Carter by discussing returning cast members and new storylines.  You'll hear interviews clips from Hayley Atwell, Wynn Everett and Reggie Austin.

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We share our thoughts on The Force Awakens and discuss some of the complaints about it.  We also examine the controversy surrounding Rey and Star Wars merchandise.  The narrator loses his voice and GANNIN scrambles to fix the problem.

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