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We discuss this week's two-hour Agent Carter event - The Edge of Mystery and A Little Song & Dance.

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We examine a report that Warner Brothers is worried about Batman vs. Superman and attempt to figure out if it makes any sense.  Scott asks people at Dallas Comic-Con Fan Days about different character battles.  GANNIN attempts to add weapon systems to his physical form.

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We discuss the two hour Agent Carter event that featured the episodes Life of the Party and Monsters.

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Guest host Jeremiah Stewart (Bombad Radio) joins us this week.  We react to the third and final Batman vs. Superman trailer.  We also examine a list of "dateable heroes" and make some necessary additions.

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We discuss this week's episode of Agent Carter - The Atomic Job.

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A look back at a Geek Assembly meeting that took place on January 6, 2015.  It's Amy's first meeting with us, and we discuss our generational differences when it comes to fandom.

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We discuss and recap this week's episode - Smoke & Mirrors.

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Matt Moore (Comic Book Noob) joins us to discuss some comic book topics, including the announcement of the Archie TV series, the Hanna Barbera comic series and the times when Batman and Superman have had to kill their enemies.  We also discuss which movies we'd like to see in theaters.

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