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The DC Comics Rebirth event starts this week, and Matt Moore is here to shed some light on what it all means.  We react to several new trailers for upcoming television shows, as well as new trailers for Ghostbusters and Star Trek Beyond.  We continue to investigate recent activities of The Troll.

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Emily Kelley joins us for the first time as a Geek Assembly Leader!  Unfortunately, we have to discuss the cancellations of Agent Carter, The Muppets and Disney Infinity.   We do our best to keep our spirits up, and GANNIN decides to take it upon himself to open a suspicious package.

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We've missed a few weeks, so we have a lot to talk about.  It all starts with spoiler-free reactions to Captain America: Civil War.  We also discuss The Killing Joke trailer, Paul Feig's frustration with angry fans and more.  Amy steps down as a regular host, but will be back to talk more geek stuff in the future.

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Dan Zehr (Coffee With Kenobi), Jeremiah Stewart (Bombad Radio) & Matt Moore (Comic Book Noob) join us for an in-depth discussion about Batman vs. Superman. Scott shares an update on the podcast delays.

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