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We're taking a break this week, so you can catch up on the podcasts you've missed!

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Cory Vincent and Aaron Carter from Video Game Bang join us to discuss some of the announcements that came out of this year's E3.  Scott interviews Eric Zala and Chris Strompolos about their Raiders of the Lost Ark adaptation.  GANNIN creates a new alarm system.

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With Father's Day upon us, we take some time to celebrate geek dads this week.  It all starts with a conversation with Regina Davis (Comic Book Noob) and her father Mark Davis.  Matt Moore and other Geek Assembly members share thoughts on being geek dads.  We also discuss topics surrounding Transformers, Captain America, Star Wars, Netflix, The Killing Joke and more.  The Troll finally makes another appearance.

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Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is getting a Director's Cut Blu-ray release this week. We discuss what we love about the movie and some of the challenges it faced while getting produced.  We also examine a list of famous actors that turned down superhero movie roles.  Sergeant Soaker hopes to get The Troll's (and Jeff's) attention.

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Russ Burlingame ( joins us to talk about the Captain America Hydra reveal and the fan reactions that followed.  We also discuss Jordan Maison's ( call for people in fandom to have thicker skins. GANNIN initiates his plan to lure The Troll out of hiding.

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