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Dan Zehr (Coffee With Kenobi) joins us to discuss Rogue One.  We talk about the characters, the Easter Eggs, Darth Vader, rankings and more.  Also in this episode, we react to the announcement that a Gotham City Sirens movie is in the works. Finally, the geeks attempt to defeat The Troll once and for all.

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There's a comic book series and a TV show called iZombie.  We discuss how they're similar and different.

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This week we talk with author Brian Jay Jones about his new book, George Lucas: A Life.  We also discuss to Daisy Ridley's comments about Rey's parents.  We'll also react to the new trailers for Spider-Man: Homecoming and War For the Planet of the Apes.  Matt Moore guest hosts.

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This week Genese joins game producer Eric Kieron Davis, voice actor Anthony Bowling, and Gamer's Dominion Producer Scott Murray to discuss holiday gift ideas for gamers.

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Before we go see Rogue One and react to it, we take time this week to look back on the other movies we saw this year.  We talk about the movies we liked, the ones that disappointed us and the films we didn't get a chance to see. Other topics in this week's podcast include the new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 trailer, the confirmation that Rogue One will NOT have an opening crawl, early impressions from 28 minutes of Rogue One, the announcement of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child coming to America and Spider-Man's classic costume upgrade.

All this and a big announcement is made about our plans for 2017.

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When Squirrel Girl was created in 1992, she was supposed to put an infusion of lightheartedness into the Marvel Universe.  However, Squirrel Girl is much more than a "fun" character.  We talk all about her this week!

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