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Scott talks with Coby Bell about his role in the Fox/Marvel series 'The Gifted'.  They discuss the challenges his character (Jace Turner) faces while tracking the Strucker family.  They also work in some fun talk about comic-con and action figures.

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The Inhumans are coming to ABC, and these characters are going to be new to a lot of viewers.  So, today on the show, we'll share some information about the characters featured in the series.

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This week's Geek Supreme is filled with comic book characters, science fiction and bullet holes (not to be confused with bullet hoes). Is Inhumans already cancelled?  Are we sill angry about Firefly? How good can The Punisher series be when compared to the other Netflix shows?  How much does Jeff know about Sabrina the Teenage Witch? And what did everyone think about the first episode of Star Trek Discovery?  Hint: Not everyone agrees.  Who will have the best answers to these and other geeked out questions? 

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The battle for Geek Supremacy starts this week!  Scott, Jeff and Regina compete for points as Darth Taxus asks them questions about JJ Abrams directing Star Wars Episode IX, the idea of a True Lies television series, pictures of the new Hellboy and more. Along the way, the geeks will put their own director into a Star Wars movie, change their body colors and try not to laugh at Darth Taxus's jokes.  This first episode has a little bit of everything, including a very close game!

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After a brief update on the new season of Assembly of Geeks podcasts, Comic Book Noob starts off another series of shows with a discussion about Cloak & Dagger.  Note: This is not related to the movie starring Dabney Coleman and Henry Thomas (but that was cool too).

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