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The Last Jedi is finally out, and we've seen a lot of reactions.  In our last episode of 2017, we share ours.  Join us as we discuss all things Episode 8, including new characters, new force powers, humor scenes, character deaths, little porgs, Rey's parents and more.  We'll also fit The Last Jedi into our Star Wars rankings and talk about what may or may not happen in Episode 9.  Along the way, each contestant will be tempted by the dark side.  Event though we won't serve green milk or roasted porg, we would be honored if you would join us.

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Salt Lake fought "The Con" and "The Con" won.  So, what happens now?  If San Diego trademarked "Comic-Con", how should other conventions respond?  We'll discuss.  We'll also talk about the prospects of a Quentin Tarantino Star Trek movie and who might star in it.  Also, we'll react to Wolverine heading to podcastland and Jessica Jones is back in March.  The show starts with Christmas present bribes and ends with The Force Awakens trivia questions.  That makes for a happy holiday episode full of toilet motivational, wiener cooking, time-turning fun with a dose of Kanjiklub and beasts.

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Dr. Scarlet and Dustin are joined by Phillip Anthony-Rodriguez (Fifth Brother - Star Wars Rebels) to discuss psychology and Star Wars.  Topics include character journeys, what makes good or evil, the concept of hope and much more.

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Find out how two words ("You suck") became a launching point in Carrie Swidecki's life as a gamer, teacher and person.  In today's episode, Genese talks to her about how games like Dance Dance Revolution and Just Dance provided Carrie with weight loss, records, partnerships and opportunities.  

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This past week, people freaked when Daisy Ridley talked about being done after Episode 9.  Was the panic worth it, or was it an overreaction?  The first word spoken in The Last Jedi has been revealed, and we try to finish the sentence.  Did you know someone is trying to pick up girls on social media by claiming to be Chris Pratt?  There is, and he has something to say about it.  We'll discuss the Avengers Infinity War trailer and the controversy surrounding Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot crates.  We'll also predict Rotten Tomatoes scores for The Last Jedi.  

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Even though Stranger Things takes place in the 1980s, the success of the series is due to its broad appeal.  In this episode, we take a closer look at how the lives and relationships of the characters relate to real life.  Find out how Dr. Scarlet connects with Eleven and her struggles.  We'll discuss what might be happening to Will as he deals with flashbacks and episodes (PTSD? The Anniversary Effect?).  We'll take a close look at the relationship Max has with her step brother, Hopper has with Eleven and Eleven has with Dr. Brenner.  How could she remain attached to a man who tortured her?  Is it Stockholm Syndrome?  We'll also attempt to figure out what psychological representations could be found in The Upside Down.  Finally, we'll talk about what the series shows us about being a friend and a hero.

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These days, people are watching Vibe help The Flash on The CW, but the comic book character was created in the 1980s.  Join us as we discuss Vibe (Cisco Ramon) in this week's episode.

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