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It's our most star-studded (or maybe we should say Star Trekked filled) episode to date.  We'll discuss the latest Star Trek news, including the official announcement regarding the return of Jean-Luc Picard, the plan for year-round Star Trek TV shows and the break up between Star Trek 4, Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth.   With that main course set, we'll give you some side dishes in the way of a high-budget Star Wars TV series, results of the Christopher Robin predictions and engines full of kittens.

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Today's guest is Julian Gough, the author of four acclaimed novels, two BBC radio plays, a successful stage play, and the ending to Time Magazine’s 2011 computer game of the year, Minecraft, which has sold over 140 million copies.

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Matt talks with Scott about the superhero at the center of his upcoming fiction podcast - The Crimson Files.  Rebecca Ross is a former Fort Henson police officer that decides to disappear and become the new face of justice - The Crimson Crane.  Find out some new information about her origin, her life, her skills, her costume and her gadgets.

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NOTE - Some content in this episode may not be appropriate for younger children.  As Geek Supreme, Jeff was given the power to make Scott and Regina think hard about a certain fandom.  This is accomplished by playing a Muppet version of F***, Marry, Kill.  Need we say more?  Also, the geeks will discuss the Disney/Fox merger, as well as news about Star Wars Resistance, the Episode IX cast and The Flash movie plot change.

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San Diego Comic Con revealed the first trailer for the upcoming Shazam movie, generating reactions from longtime fans and moviegoers.  Today we talk about the trailer and the comic book roots of Shazam!  Jeff McGee guest hosts for Matt.

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San Diego Comic-Con 2018 is in the books, and as always, there was plenty of trailers, showcases and announcements.  That's why this week's episode is dedicated to the convention.  The geeks will discuss trailers, TV announcements, apparel, panels, surprises and more.  Plus, since it's Darth Taxus' birthday, they'll blow out candles and pick the best movies that came out during their birth month.  Join us, and we won't make you sing "Happy Birthday".

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San Diego Comic-Con is right around the corner! So, we're going to spend some time discussing the exclusives we want and stuff we want to see.  Is Thanos a big purple dumbass?  Someone wrote an opinion piece saying his Infinity Glove plan was dumb.  Joss Whedon is getting a new HBO series, and William Gibson is getting his Alien 3 script made into a comic book.  All this, and we even throw in a Joker-themed Geek Word game.

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Julie Nathanson is a sought-after actress who has worked on various projects in the TV, film, and video game industries on titles such as Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, and Far Cry 5.

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Have you ever heard of Doctor Nemesis.  He made his first appearance in 1941 for Lightning Comics, and he didn't make his Marvel debut until 1993.  He's got ties to Pym Technologies and The X-Men.  Plus,  he's today's Comic Book Noob topic!

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This week, ants are back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and they're in our podcast as well.  If the geeks aren't careful, they could step in an anthill and get bitten.  In the meantime, there will be reviews of Ant-Man and the Wasp, memories of Steve Ditko, new job ideas for Geoffrey the Giraffe, reactions to an 80s cartoon themes list and continued frustrations with some people in the Star Wars fandom (see Ahmed Best).

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