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Genese talks with Scott and Jennifer Murray about Ready Player One.  They discuss the adaptation from book to screen, the use of nostalgia and the representation of video game culture.

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Scott talks with Jim Mello and Alex Ray about their fan-made Star Wars comic series - A Star Wars Comic.  Find out about the challenges and rewards that came with producing their own stories from a galaxy far, far away.

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Superman celebrated his 80th anniversary.  It might get really messy if he blew out all those, we'll do it for him.  In this episode, we'll hear birthday messages from some of his most famous villains.  Last week, we discussed how much we loved Ready Player One.  So this week, we'll react to a commentary that hated it and react to the movie - The Quiet Place.  Finally we'll discuss the upcoming MASK and Blackhawk movies.  This is going to be a party full of cake, candles and crazy closing questions.  You're invited to join us!

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Take a deeper bite out of the wildly popular zombie television series as Dr. Scarlet and Dustin talk about the psychology of The Walking Dead.

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You know that Thanos is the Big Bad in Avengers Infinity War.  You also know he's coming to collect the Infinity Stones.  However, how much do you know about the sinister people he's bringing with him?  In this week's episode, you'll learn about The Black Order.

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We are ready to review Ready Player One this week.  We hope you're ready too!  While 80s themes are plastered all over that movie, more classic console games have been announced IRL.  However, the Avengers are getting ready for the battle of their lives in Infinity War, and we're predicting who might die and the Rotten Tomatoes score.  The Announcement of a new Rick and Morty comic-book has inspired Darth Taxus to turn the geeks into characters from the show and make them fight it out (oh jeez).  Also, the reigning Geek Supreme gets to infuse his own MEGASEGMENT into the episode.

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Emily discovered her love of Harry Potter, Star Wars and video games at an early age.  In this week's episode of Geek Culture Spotlight, you'll hear how her fandom (especially Harry Potter) helped her cope with bullying, personality disorder and depression.  You'll also find out how her passion for geek culture evolved into new opportunities in life and work.

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Just when you think things couldn't get better, worse or have this week's episode of The Geek Supreme.  It comes complete with stories about draining comic icons of their blood and forcing someone to say they love Michael Bay.  It comes with interest in a Last Starfighter reboot and excitement about an upcoming Star Wars movie.  To top it all off, we'll throw in some lyrics without singing bad karaoke, and play some comic convention geek word games.  If you miss this week's show it will almost be as big of a mistake as the one Darth Taxus admits at the beginning of the show.  

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In this week's episode, Dr. Scarlet and Dustin discuss the different ways that video games provide cognitive advantages and therapeutic benefits.

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Adam Strange and Brainiac are both featured in the new CW series - Krypton.  In this week's episodes you'll learn more about their comic book roots and how they are being infused into the television series.

Rann-Thanagar War (2005)
Action Comics 865-870
Strange Adventures
Adam Strange (2004 - 2005)‚Äč
Mystery in Space (2012)

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