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We would like to thank our wonderful listeners for being with us in this podcast journey.  Due to things outside of the podcast realm, we had to make this the last episode of The Geek Supreme.  In this final episode, we discuss Spider-Man, The Muppet Movie, Stranger Things and Comic-Con.

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Some adult references are in this episode.  Regina is back this week, and she's just in time to judge a weird game developed by Darth Taxus.  In it, Scott and Jeff had to take the famous Superman and Lois flying scene from Superman (1979) and put in their own, "Can you read my mind" speech.  The daughters of Bill and Ted have been cast, and Taxus has questions about their intelligence.  Also, there will be reactions to the Swamp Thing cancellation, E3 video games and The Banana Splits horror movie.

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After a hiatus, we have some catching up to do.  That means new trailers and a lot of them, including The Dark Crystal prequel series, Terminator Dark Fate, Toy Story 4, Rambo Last Blood and Spider-Man Far From Home.  Plus, Stranger This is coming back and it's bringing New Coke with it.  Will anyone drink it?  All this, plus there's another Honey, I Shrunk the Kid movie is in the works.  Jenn Murray guests hosts for Regina this week.

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Flight delays and lost luggage kept us from recording this week.  So, in honor of the upcoming premiere of the Disney Plus Streamcast, here is our November 2018 show about Disney Plus.  FYI - Some adult themes are in this episode.

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FYI - Some adult themes are discussed in this episode.  After a break, we're back with plenty to talk about (even if it is old news).  First, we'll check in on everyone's Rotten Tomatoes predictions for Avengers Endgame.  We'll also take time to remember the greatness of the original Chewbacca - Peter Mayhew.  We'll stick with the Star Wars theme and share thoughts on the trailer and the title reveal of Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker and discuss recent Disney Plus announcements.  Finally, we'll discuss Endgame (including spoilers) and listen as Jeff makes Darth Taxus uncomfortable as revenge for texting a spoiler before he saw the movie.  Actually, we were all uncomfortable, but it's still Taxus' fault.  All this, plus random references to Max Headroom, Napoleon Dynamite and bad Spanish.

‚ÄčAs of this episode, The Geek Supreme will post new episodes every other Tuesday.

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Well, just like Infinity War, things don't always turn out the way you expect.  We planned to record this week, but Regina had to work late and one of Taxus' Vader Tots got the flu.  However, we see this as a way to give listeners more time to see Endgame (looking at the box office numbers, we figure many of you saw it already) and we can have a spoiler-discussion next Tuesday.  So, today, let's look back on our Infinity War reactions and what we thought might happen next.  Did anyone make a good prediction? Probably not, but let's check.

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The Geek Supreme returns with a new episode on April 30th.  This is a repeat of one of our most memorable episodes from May 2018.  It was our immersive roleplay game in which the geeks were playing for listeners.  Listen as they fight their way through a dungeon while talking about the topics of the day.

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This week's episode is all about reactions, predictions and throwdowns.  Last week, there was a three-way tie for Geek Supreme,  and that means each geek enters today's show with a special power.  They will use these powers against one another in hopes of being the last geek standing.  Along the way, there will be Shazam reactions (spoiler-free), silly superhero catchphrases, ridiculous scenes from upcoming movies, Joker thoughts and more!  Plus, you'll hear Rotten Tomatoes predictions for Hellboy and Avengers Endgame

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It was a slow news week!  So, instead of making up fake news, we just filled today's episode with games and challenges.  Today's show includes geek list challenges, predicting geeky behavior, remembering Star Wars dialogue and roleplay scenarios.  If that wasn't enough, today's final score tally presents us with something that has NEVER happened before!  Game on!

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Next summer, we get to hang out with time travelers Bill & Ted, but not before we go back to 1980s Hawkins for a third time!  In his 88 years, William Shatner looks like he's time traveled to a younger age, and we know Captain Kirk has experienced a sling-shot around the sun.  So, today we'll react to the Stranger Things Season 3 trailer and the announcement to Bill & Ted 3.  Darth Taxus will challenge the geeks with a "strange 80s things" game and a time travel-themed "would you rather" challenge.  We'll discuss some of the best Captain Kirk moments as well.  Finally, with all of the Batman casting rumors floating around,  Taxus asks the geeks to read Batman lines as different celebrities.  How good are the impersonations?  You be the bat-judge!

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The World Wide Web celebrated 30 years last week, and we'll dial-up some early internet memories.  A new Avengers Endgame trailer is out, and Darth Taxus asks for one-word reactions to some of the some of the scenes.  There is news of a new animated series surrounding Marvel's "What If" comics, so we come up with some of our own storylines.  Finally, we'll react to a Twitter debate about Yoda that included Frank Oz before Darth Taxus creates his own Yoda debates.  It's not St. Patrick's Day anymore, but it was on our recording date.  So, expect a few references to marshmallow cereal and gold.

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The geeks have all seen Captain Marvel, and they'll share their spoiler-free reactions after checking their Rotten Tomatoes predictions.  Then, it's time to react to the new Shazam and Cobra Kai trailers!  After that, there will be discussions about new details on the Lord of the Rings TV series, as well as attempts to pronounce the races of Middle Earth in a LOTR-themed quiz game.  The Geek Supreme assigns Darth Taxus, Jeff and Regina with new names.  Find out who's going to be called Sexy, Dad, Curly and Greatness.

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New details about the new Star Wars park were released last week, and we're certain we'll never want to leave that place. We'll react to the new revelations about the rides, the food and the merchandise. We discuss the rumored Gremlins animated TV series and think about other 1980s movies would make good cartoons. We come up with movie technology that would be good and bad for the CIA to own. The Geek Supreme tasks the contestants to work specific movie/TV/pop culture lines into their opinions.

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We're having our own movie awards show today!  So, if you're into long acceptance speeches, meaningless bits and excessive political statements, this might not be the awards show for you.  Well, there might be a meaningless bit or two.  However, this will be all about geek movie categories like best actor/actress, best director, best villain, best action scene, best picture and more.  You're invited to this non-exclusive, but very hip and fun event!  Join us!  

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Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, we're back with some aqua-talk!  Today, you'll hear Aquaman reviews, Aquaman trivia (featuring Sponge Bob) and some nautical quiz questions.  We'll also react to the announcement of the new Ghostbusters movie, discuss the anticipated movies of 2019 and play a "Would you rather" game.

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It's 2019, and it's time to catch up on new movie talk and get Darth Taxus to quit writing "2018" on his checks!  We'll discuss our reactions to Into the Spider-Verse and Bumblebee.  Since we're in a reviewing mood, Taxus reads us a variety of liners from other reviews, and we have to connect it to the correct movie.  Finally, we'll discuss the new information that was released (or squeezed out) about bathroom habits at Hogwarts.

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