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Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, we're back with some aqua-talk!  Today, you'll hear Aquaman reviews, Aquaman trivia (featuring Sponge Bob) and some nautical quiz questions.  We'll also react to the announcement of the new Ghostbusters movie, discuss the anticipated movies of 2019 and play a "Would you rather" game.

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It's 2019, and it's time to catch up on new movie talk and get Darth Taxus to quit writing "2018" on his checks!  We'll discuss our reactions to Into the Spider-Verse and Bumblebee.  Since we're in a reviewing mood, Taxus reads us a variety of liners from other reviews, and we have to connect it to the correct movie.  Finally, we'll discuss the new information that was released (or squeezed out) about bathroom habits at Hogwarts.

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