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Well, just like Infinity War, things don't always turn out the way you expect.  We planned to record this week, but Regina had to work late and one of Taxus' Vader Tots got the flu.  However, we see this as a way to give listeners more time to see Endgame (looking at the box office numbers, we figure many of you saw it already) and we can have a spoiler-discussion next Tuesday.  So, today, let's look back on our Infinity War reactions and what we thought might happen next.  Did anyone make a good prediction? Probably not, but let's check.

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The Geek Supreme returns with a new episode on April 30th.  This is a repeat of one of our most memorable episodes from May 2018.  It was our immersive roleplay game in which the geeks were playing for listeners.  Listen as they fight their way through a dungeon while talking about the topics of the day.

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This week's episode is all about reactions, predictions and throwdowns.  Last week, there was a three-way tie for Geek Supreme,  and that means each geek enters today's show with a special power.  They will use these powers against one another in hopes of being the last geek standing.  Along the way, there will be Shazam reactions (spoiler-free), silly superhero catchphrases, ridiculous scenes from upcoming movies, Joker thoughts and more!  Plus, you'll hear Rotten Tomatoes predictions for Hellboy and Avengers Endgame

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It was a slow news week!  So, instead of making up fake news, we just filled today's episode with games and challenges.  Today's show includes geek list challenges, predicting geeky behavior, remembering Star Wars dialogue and roleplay scenarios.  If that wasn't enough, today's final score tally presents us with something that has NEVER happened before!  Game on!

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