The Geek Supreme

Some adult references are in this episode.  Regina is back this week, and she's just in time to judge a weird game developed by Darth Taxus.  In it, Scott and Jeff had to take the famous Superman and Lois flying scene from Superman (1979) and put in their own, "Can you read my mind" speech.  The daughters of Bill and Ted have been cast, and Taxus has questions about their intelligence.  Also, there will be reactions to the Swamp Thing cancellation, E3 video games and The Banana Splits horror movie.

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After a hiatus, we have some catching up to do.  That means new trailers and a lot of them, including The Dark Crystal prequel series, Terminator Dark Fate, Toy Story 4, Rambo Last Blood and Spider-Man Far From Home.  Plus, Stranger This is coming back and it's bringing New Coke with it.  Will anyone drink it?  All this, plus there's another Honey, I Shrunk the Kid movie is in the works.  Jenn Murray guests hosts for Regina this week.

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