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We're back from a summer break!  Since there were so many topics waiting for us when we came back, Darth Taxus just put a bunch of them on a wheel.  The results include discussions on the new DC streaming service, the possible return of Captain Picard, a new Overwatch hero/hamster and news about Indiana Jones 5 (coming much, much later to a theater near you...hopefully).  We've missed you, so please join us for today's Geek Supreme match!

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There's a new Marvel movie coming out next week (Ant-Man & the Wasp), and there's a new villain in the MCU.  Today's episode is all about GHOST.  So, tune in and find out all about him/her.

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Scott gives an update on current and upcoming programming.

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This week's guest is Dr. Anthony Bean (The Video Game Doc).  He talks about how he's evolved his passion for video games into his clinical psychology practice.  You'll also hear his thoughts on what might constitute a "gaming addiction" vs. a passion, as well as other misconceptions about video games.

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Along with discussing the psychology of the CW series SUPERNATURAL, Dr. Scarlet and Dustin talk with Rachel Miner (Meg Masters) about her experience in the series.

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After making a surprise appearance in Deadpool 2, comic book noobs have been wondering about that big guy with a helmet!  This week's episode is all about JUGGERNAUT!

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So, what was your reaction when you heard Jared Leto was getting his own Joker movie.  Was it, "You must be joking?" (*RIMSHOT*)  This week, the geeks will share their reactions and make plot pitches for the film.  They'll also share thoughts on the trailers for The Lego Movie 2, Predator, Into the Spiderverse, Bumblebee and Ralph Breaks the Internet.  Everyone had to something to say about Kelly Marie Tran's departure from Instagram, and the geeks have some things to say too.  All this, plus Rotten Tomatoes predictions for Ant-Man & The Wasp.

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Despite an autism and Asperger's Syndrome diagnosis, as well as attempts to hold him back in school, Andy Behbakht blazed a path of academic successes and creative endeavors.  Find out how his journey through fandom helped him launch a successful podcast and a podcast network.

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In this week's episode we discuss a show about the later years of iconic characters and a movie about the younger years of iconic characters.  One has an overwhelming positive response, while the other has mixed reviews.  Find out where the geeks stand (and how well they spell) in this week's battle for geek supremacy.  Plus, find out their Rotten Tomatoes predictions for Incredibles 2.

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Can artificial intelligence feel emotion?  What place would sentient life have in humanity?  Join Dr. Scarlet and Dustin as they discuss the appeal of lawless behavior and violent delight in the psychology of Westworld.

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