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A look back at last year's Halloween episode in which we discuss darkness and deaths in storytelling.

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Genese talks with Art Manager Ben Skutt and gaming producer Dr. Darold Higa about what it takes to make it in the gaming industry.  She also interviews convention attendees about their gaming passions and opinions. 

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Dan Zehr of Coffee With Kenobi joins the Geek Assembly to discuss the new season of Star Wars Rebels.  Richard and Sarah Woloski (Skywalking Trough Neverland) stop by to talk about Star Wars themed Halloween costumes.  We react to some of the merchandise and news that came out of New York Comic Con.  Find out what would happen if Zack Snyder crossed paths with Jeff. 

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Scott and Matt discuss two recent stories related to Marvel Comics - a possible Damage Control TV series and a new Black Widow comic book series.

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Lauren Gallaway joins the Geek Assembly to discuss the upcoming seasons of Arrow and The Flash.  Scott poses an interesting question about when to see The Force Awakens.  GANNIN makes a mess of the coffee shop and tries to cover it up.

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Genese interviews Unikrn founder and CEO Rahul Sood about the rise of eSports in gaming.  He talks about his passion for entrepreneurship, as well as how eSports is revolutionizing both gaming and media.  Peter Kunin and Emily Kelley of the Wrong Button Blog join Genese for a round of "Need Roll or Pass" that's focused on upcoming video games.

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Noah Tarnow brings his Big Quiz Thing questions to the Geek Assembly for a big geek quiz game.  We share reactions to the first week of fall TV.  Amy gets some extreme lessons from Colonel Toutman.

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We discuss Mockingbird's unique journey through the comic books and examine the differences and similarities of her portrayal on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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Clark Gregg & Costume Designer Ann Foley are our guests as we get ready for the third season of Agents of SHIELD.  Clark talks about the evolution of the series, watching reactions on social media, the Marvel property he'd like to write for and more.  Ann talks about her approach to costuming, including developing the outfit for Quake. Also in today's show...Scott, Amy & Jeff discover a secret about Colonel Snubb.

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Genese interviews Susan Cummings, who has over 15 years experience in the gaming industry.  Her experience includes playing a key role in the development of games like Grand Theft Auto, Bioshock and Civilization.  Now she and her husband Lee run Tiny Rebel Games and manage the popular mobile game, Doctor Who: Legacy.  Also, Genese answers questions about her MMORPG experience, the impact of villains in stories and more.

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