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If you watched the trailer for Season 2 of Luke Cage, you saw someone land a pretty powerful blow on the Hero for Hire.  If you wondered who he is or how he did it...listen today's episode on Bushmaster. 

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A repeat of the February 13, 2018 show that started with our first reactions to the Solo trailer and lead into an 80s-themed episode.  (Our recording day is Sunday, and people were out for the holiday.  We'll be back with a new episode next week).

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With 75,000 action figures and over 120,000 comics, author and content creator Mark Bellomo knows a thing or two about toys and collecting.  In today's episode, Mark talks about how a early passion and a unique opportunity led to having an extensive career in geek culture.

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It's the LUCKY LISTENER episode, and we have a good (maybe bad) feeling about this.  The contestants trying to win a box full of Solo A Star Wars Story for one of our listeners, but it won't be easy.  This week, Darth Taxus is transporting them to a dungeon where they will have to fight there way to the big treasure.  While Han Solo didn't always believe in luck, the geeks will need something to help them survive.  In Regina's case, it might come in the form of a deity that sounds like Patrick Stewart.  Along the way, they'll also discuss Deadpool 2 (spoiler-free), Margot Kidder and the Happytime Murders trailer.  Join us for adventure, surprises and laughs as we find out who will be the next Lucky Listener. 

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Dr. Scarlet and Dustin are joined by Marine veteran and military peer counselor, Travis Adams for a discussion of their favorite anti-hero -The Punisher.  Life after service can be difficult especially when someone looses their only support system.  Tune in to learn about the psychology behind Frank Castle (Punisher) and other related characters.

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Deadpool is back on the big screen, and this time he's not alone.  Join us this week to learn more about who's joining him - Cable and The X-Force.

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We're back from a programming break and an Infinity War heartbreak.  This week we spend the entire episode talking about Avengers Infinity War in a conversation full of reactions, observations and MCU themed puns.  So Parker yourself in a safe spot, Quill out and enjoy the show!

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Shocked, stunned, speechless and distraught are just some of the words used to describe the reaction to the latest MCU film.  The affect that Avengers Infinity War had on audiences can be felt worldwide.  In today's episode, Dr. Janina Scarlet and Dustin will bring you healing and hope following the invasion of Thanos.

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He's on Legends of Tomorrow, and he had a motion picture made.  However, Jonah Hex has several memorable stories in the comics.  Scott and Matt dive deeper into his life in the old west on this week's episode.

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Scott gives a programming update, including details on the next Lucky Listener episode.  That's followed by a repeat of the November 17, 2017 Lucky Listener Episode that features topics on Star Wars, Thor, Justice League and Stranger Things.

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