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It's our first LUCKY LISTENER episode, and that means our contestants will be playing for three listeners this week.  Whoever wins The Geek Supreme will get to send their listener a prize box full of Stranger Things loot!  So, we'll discuss the second season of Stranger Things and play a Geekword game themed around the Netflix series.  We'll also review Thor Ragnarok and get quizzed on some Thor trivia.  We'll react to the Justice League social media reviews, plus the news about more Star Wars coming to the big and small screen.  Along the way, you'll hear Star Wars stories that feature rebels, Volkswagen Beetles, toaster ovens, glue sticks, drooling Gammorean Guards, squash, and smelly bubbles.

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It might be exhilarating or shocking to get into the minds of the heroes and villains of Game of Thrones, but that's what Dr. Scarlet does in today's episode.  Join her and Dustin as they discuss Brienne, Ramsay, Tyrion and more.  *If you're not completely caught up in the series, there are possible spoilers.

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A repeat of Genese's February 2017 interview with voice actor Elias Toufexis (Deus Ex, Assassins Creed, Splinter Cell).

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Hey you guuuuys! This week, we'll discuss two new TV show ideas - A Lord of the Rings series and a Goonies animated show.  Also, a company that turns motorcycles into speeder bikes has the us wondering what other vehicles we'd like to drive around.  Somehow Darth Taxus triggers a discussion about which characters in fandom deserve to have an electrical plug shoved in their mouth.  Wonder Woman made a lot of money at the box office.  So, does that mean it's time to make a Red Sonja movie?  And just how many 80s action/adventure movies can everyone name?  You'll find that out and hear Rotten Tomatoes predictions for Justice League. Sloth would want you to grab your Baby Ruth now and listen to today's podcast.

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Just in time for Thor Ragnarok, today's episode takes a closer look at the film's villain - Hela, The Asgardian Goddess of Death.

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It's Halloween, and some spooky stuff is taking place in this week's podcast.  Points are not safe among the screams and scary stories that will be heard today.  Also, how truly EVIL is Kylo Ren?  How suspenseful is Stranger Things 2 (no spoilers shared)?  Is the Pokemon movie really disturbing?  Also, you'll hear the hosts share scary stories about nightmares, spooky events and weird stuff that terrified them.  Join us for this Halloween edition of The Geek Supreme!

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The psychology of Jessica Jones is heavily rooted in the trauma caused by The Purple Man (Zebediah Killgrave).  In this episode, Dr. Scarlet explains how The Kilgrave Effect's impact on sexual assault is very real in today's world.  In fact, a perfect example is present in one of today's most talked about news stories.  Find out what it all means and how victims and their friends can become heroes.

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Mia Dallas and Tiffany Ojeda from the Tandem Canon Podcast join guest host Scott Murray to talk about new video game releases, including Call of Duty World War II, Assassins Creed Origins, Star Wars Battlefront and more.

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Join us as we have some cereal with Han Solo, Thor, Black Panther and The Justice League.  Can the solo Han Solo movie now titled Solo inspire other character movie ideas?  We'll find out!  Is comedy going to make the new Thor movie less Thorerrific?  We'll discuss.  Plus we'll have a tasty cereal discussion that involves old favs, new ideas, marshmallows and a nightmare!  All this and more in this week's Geek Suprememe.  ***This episode contains some adult humor and suggestive content that might not be suitable for younger audiences.

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This week we're talking about mutants, and not just any mutants.  The Gifted television series features familiar comic book names like Blink and Thunderbird, but there are also new characters and takes in other places.  We sort it all out in this week's podcast.

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