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It's time to put some GEEK into March Madness as Lauren Gallaway & Pete Benavides (Scene N Nerd Podcast) join us for our own tournament.  There are 32 characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe competing.  Who will make the Final Four and win it all?  Listen and find out!

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After Paul Feig was told his Ghostbusters movie would ruin childhoods, we decided to figure out if that was even possible.  So, that's what this week's Geek Assembly meeting is all about.  Amy shares stories from Paleyfest.  Other topics include Tron 3, dancing Groot, 20 new Star Wars books and Agent Carter.

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Scott talks to Dan Zehr (Coffee With Kenobi), Amy Ratcliffe (Full of Sith) & Pete Morrison (Rebels Report) about the first season of Star Wars Rebels.  

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Jenna Busch (Legion of Leia), Andy Behbakht (The Flash Podcast) and Rebecca Johnson (Supergirl Radio) join the Geek Assembly this week.  Jenna shares her thoughts on the Princess Leia #1 comic, while Andy and Rebecca discuss what's happening on The Flash and Supergirl.  Other topics include Fish Mooney's future in Gotham, the new Age of Ultron trailer and the plot for Toy Story 4.

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Lauren Gallaway & Kayla LaFrance join us as we remember Leonard Nimoy - including his music, movies & best Spock moments.

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It's the recap and review of Agent Carter's season finale.  We look back on some funny mistakes we made in previous episodes.  We also discuss what we liked about the show & the possibilities for a season 2.

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A look back at an episode that ran in June 2014 in which we discussed how the Star Wars fandom rallied around two young girls that had been bullied for their fandom. We examined an article that discussed which stories help kids tell the truth.  Daniel Radcliffe shared what superhero franchise he'd like to be part of.

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The Peggy Carter Podcast: SNAFU

We discuss this week's episode of Agent Carter - SNAFU.

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Josh Brown (40 Going on 14 Podcast) joins us to discuss whether or not movies like The Goonies can exist anymore.  We examine the status of X-Men & Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Lacey Valle reviews Kingsmen: The Secret Service. We react to an article that lists movies that should've been shorter.

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We discuss the Agent Carter episode called A Sin to Err.

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