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Fangirl is amused by Admiral Eightes and Merchman's Star Wars auditions.  The assembly discusses sequels after hearing about the proposed follow-up to E.T.  The assembly votes on the best time to produce a remake.

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Kristin Hackett (Super Space Chick) is our special guest host.  We debate the different ways S.H.I.E.L.D. is portrayed on TV and film. We get a review of Thor 2 and a report from Blizzcon 2013.  Merchman takes grief over dying in Lego Marvel Superheroes.

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Dan Zehr of Coffee With Kenobi joins the in-depth discussion of all things Star Wars.

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GANNIN continuously tries to scare the supergeeks in order to make this a proper Halloween podcast.  We discuss Halloween costumes, horror movies and creatures of the night.

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Merchman blows up the Epic Assembly Hall, creating a countdown theme for the day.  We discuss The Big Bang Theory potentially ruining Raiders of the Lost Ark for everyone, the latest news about Star Wars: Detours, cosplayer harassment at New York Comic Con and Marvel's future TV plans.  Merchman and Admiral 80s give their top 5 favorite summer blockbusters, geek villains and Star Wars characters that are not in the main cast.

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Tricia is back from The Big Apple to tell us all about her first experience at New York Comic Con.  Scott attempts to become Tony Stark and gives his review of Gravity.

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Our special guest is Geek Handbook author Alex Langley.  We discuss the "fake geek" debate and favorite comic-con celebrity moments.  The Assembly votes on which superpower they'd like to have.  We don't know what to make of a series of books about women and dinosaurs.

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GANNIN throws out some geek debate questions that include whether or not to trust Malcolm Reynolds and Han Solo to smuggle for you. Also, who is the best Starfleet Captain?  The geeks vote on that.  Other discussions in this assembly include reactions to Agents of Shield, new comic book TV shows that are in the works, Star Wars Episode 7 in IMAX and the sequels that very few people like. Admiral 80s tries to convince everyone that a goatee makes you evil.

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Geek Outs, Uncancelling Shows & The Cosplay Defenders

Special guest is Ron Glass of Firefly.  We discuss the TV shows that should have had toy lines and the TV shows we want back on the air. We learn about a couple of cosplayers that need defending and share the moments when we literally geeked out in the theater.  The assembly gets a report on a possible third season for Legend of the Seeker.

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Daniel Manu of Television Without Pity previews the new geek TV shows coming out this fall.  We discuss the success of The Big Bang Theory.  The Assembly votes on Disney's iPad movie screening.

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