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This week we take an in-depth look at the long wait for a Wonder Woman movie, including the different Wonder Woman shows and attempts to put Wonder Woman on the big screen.  With news coming out about wait times for the Guardians of the Galaxy ride and the Pandora Theme Park, we discuss how much time is worth waiting in line.  GANNIN asks us about Kirstin Dunst's comments about Spider-Man movies and Hayley Atwell's comments about Agent Carter's third season.

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Genese is traveling this week, so we'll look back on her interview with Leah Hoyer of Telltale Games.

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Star Wars has officially turned 40 years old, and we mark that with a variety of Star Wars topics, including never released toys, a movie called 5-27-77, an interview with the clumsy Stormtrooper, a 40 year old Wookiee apology, and the Lucasfilm proclamation about Rey's lightsaber.  Andy from Holy Batcast stops by to share his reaction to the Wonder Woman movie.  Also, Jeff and Regina share their thoughts on the horror-themed X-Men spin-off movie.  All this, and we apologize in advance for the amount of juvenile humor heard in this episode.

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Caitlin and Charlotte are joined by Star Wars blogger Sarah Dempster to discuss Rogue One's Jyn Erso and the Beth Revis’s  novel, Rebel Rising. They discuss Jyn's character and touch upon the question of whether the Star Wars films should be dependent on the new books as a character story source. 

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We've seen her on television, and now we're getting ready to see her on the big screen!  However, Wonder Woman has been in the comic books since the early 1940s!  Join us as we discuss this iconic DC Comics superhero in this week's episode!

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This week is all about reviews, previews and reactions.  First we'll talk about the television previews and announcements that came out, including, Young Sheldon, The Dark Crystal Prequel Series, Star Trek Discovery, The Orville and The Gifted. We'll also share our reviews for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.  Regina talks about an experience that still has her geeking out. GANNIN shows his love for pop quizes. Scott tells us about a connection between Attack of the Clones and Into the Badlands.

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Scott shares a programming update following last week's break.

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With eSports becoming a bigger deal in today's gaming culture, we're looking back at our October 1, 2015 show where Genese interviewed Unikrn founder and CEO Rahul Sood about the rise of eSports in gaming.  Peter Kunin and Emily Kelley of the Wrong Button Blog joined Genese for a round of "Need Roll or Pass" focused on that year's upcoming video games.

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A repeat of our February 21st episode in which we discussed new Star Wars toys and played two new games - Inside the Numbers and Blue Pill/Red Pill.

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This week we took our one-theme concept to the spice mines of Kessel and smashed it into today's episode.  What's left is a unique mix of Star Wars topics! Part one features a discussion about the Last Jedi Poster.  Part two is a debate on the exact moment Anakin turned to the dark side.  Part three highlights favorite books since the Disney takeover.

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