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This week, Tony Kim joins us to discuss the Wonder Woman panel at WonderCon and some of the feedback surrounding his new Wonder Woman jacket.  We'll also react to the news surrounding a Batgirl film and talk about the trailer for the new IT movie. We'll also look at the amusing match-ups that are featured in video game character wrestling matches.  GANNIN tries out some jokes and a new superhero game.  Matt Moore guests hosts this week.

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This week's episode is all about the third season of Star Wars Rebels!  We discuss favorite episodes, key moments and hopes for Season 4.  We share our reactions to Twin Suns, as well as the season finale.  We'll also spend time talking about Sabine's story.  Join us for three-part look back on another exciting season of Rebels!

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Archie comics have been around for decades.  They've been around long enough to form their own comic book company. Now, they have their own television series in Riverdale.  It's a lot of ground to cover in a short span of time, but Archie is the topic of today's episode.

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This week, Dr. Anthony Bean (Dr. Geek) joins us to talk about the psychology of a geek and gamer.  We'll share our reactions to the new Justice League trailer, as well as Brett Ratner's comments about Rotten Tomatoes destroying the film industry.

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This week, we'll take a look back at the 1989 John Hughes comedy, Uncle Buck. Scott interviews Jean Louisa Kelly, who played Tia Russell (Buck's niece) in the film.  She'll talk about the unforgettable experience of working with actors like John Candy and her passion for recording music.

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On this week's show, Genese welcomes Matt Raithel of Graphite Lab to discuss 1980s influences on video game development.  Within the past decade, Matt has held a production role in over 50 video games ranging from the iPhone to Wii U, all while helping grow three different game development studios. He currently owns and leads Graphite Lab, a video game development studio which was listed as “One to Watch” by Game Informer Magazine in 2015. Their latest game, Hive Jump is available now on Steam and is coming soon to Wii U!    As an advocate for the gaming industry, Matt frequently speaks on topics such as gaming violence and game production at major universities throughout his home state. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronic Art from Missouri State University and is currently on staff at Maryville University as an Instructor of Game Design.

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It's time to fill out the brackets, and this year we infused them with Star Wars characters.  Caitlin and Charlotte (Skytalkers) join us to pick the winners.  We'll also react to news about a Matrix reboot and a Coming to America sequel.  We'll discuss whether or not a DC/Power Rangers movie crossover is a good idea. Regina has watched the first eight episodes of Iron Fist, and she shares her thoughts on the series.

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Just in time for the Orlando convention, this week's episode is all about Star Wars Celebration!  Savanna Kiefer (The Dorky Diva) joins Charlotte and Caitlin to discuss the 501st, cosplay and Celebration tips.  Later, Scott Murray (Assembly of Geeks) shares his Celebration memories and tips.  Even if you can't make it to Orlando this year, join us for a lively discussion on one of the biggest ways to Celebrate Star Wars!

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Just in time for the new Netflix television series, we get you ready for Iron Fist.

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This week, we officially welcome Regina Davis as the new co-host and invite her Comic Book Noob counterpart to join our discussion about Logan.  We'll not only review the movie, but also discuss whether or not there's a cinematic lesson to be learned in Logan.  Should it be the new superhero standard?  Is that even a fair question?  We'll discuss it all. Also this week, we'll react to the new Wonder Woman trailer and the news about Jason Issacs joining Star Trek Discovery. We'll also decide whether or not to be worried about the early reviews for the Iron Fist Netflix series.  Scott talks about his bowling team and unintentionally makes everyone laugh. Regina gets to play her first rounds of Trigger Words.

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