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Adam Holmes of Cinemablend joins the Geek Assembly to discuss the big movie line-up announced by Marvel.  We'll discuss how everything could tie together leading up to the Infinity War and we'll get some background on the Inhumans and the Captain Marvel movies.  We take a look at some of the new creations people are trying to pitch to LEGO.  Merchman finally buys a specific kind of shoe, after Star Wars was branded on it.

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It's Halloween week & it's time for a DARK Geek Assembly meeting.  Dan Zehr (Coffee With Kenobi) joins us to discuss the darkness in stories. When does it work?  When is it meaningless?  Why is it in so many stories?  Those are just some of the questions we attempt to answer.  Also, Taylor Lymbery (The 8-Bit Kid) joins our memorial service for Saturday morning cartoons.

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Justin Bolger from the ForceCast joins the Geek Assembly to discuss good & not so good character names in Star Wars (including Sheev).  We look back on some of the crazy rumors that lead up to the Star Wars prequel trilogy.  We react to some of the latest news and rumors about the upcoming DC and Marvel movies.

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We discuss the thinking behind sequels and reboots of movies from the 1980's (The Dark Crystal, Ghostbusters, Bill & Ted, Top Gun).  Fangirl reports from Geek Girl Con and we look over some news from New York Comic Con.  Why is this episode called Dr. Doom vs. The Muppets? Listen and find out!

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Charli Armstrong (Mystic Maven) guest hosts.  Scott gives his reactions to the first four Harry Potter movies as he continues his attempt to build geek cred on the franchise.  Ed Dolista from the Indy casts shares his thoughts on some recent Indy 5 rumors.  Dan Zehr of Coffee With Kenobi joins the Geek Assembly discussion on Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion, the top 10 villains list and the theory about Boba Fett in Episode IV: A New Hope.  Other topics include The Dark Crystal, the first issue of the female Thor comic, the Guardians of the Galaxy Blu-ray and more.

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Kay from Fangirl Blog, Cory from Coffee With Kenobi & Emily from the Wrong Button Blog join us for a geek roundtable discussion about some of the geek TV shows that premiered last week.  We also discuss what geek TV show we would like to see produced. We decide whether or not there is too much geek culture in movies & television these days.

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Scott talks to author Brian Jay Jones about his in-depth biography on the life of Jim Henson.

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Tricia gives the assembly her spoiler-free review of Star Wars Rebels (the movie & an episode).  We take time to remember Jim Henson by sharing some classic Muppet memories.  News stories include the new Frozen ride at Epcot, texting Groot, Darth Maul's screentime in The Phantom Menace & more.

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Scott talks to John Ross Bowie about playing Barry Kripke on The Big Bang Theory.

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We discuss why people love & hate The Big Bang Theory.  John & Derek from the Gotham TV Podcast join us to preview the upcoming Batman-themed series on Fox.  We get a report from Salt Lake City Comic Con.  GANNIN tries to turn the Geek Assembly meeting into a sitcom.

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