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This week we're talking about mutants, and not just any mutants.  The Gifted television series features familiar comic book names like Blink and Thunderbird, but there are also new characters and takes in other places.  We sort it all out in this week's podcast.

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The Geek Supreme competition is back with a new round of questions.  Should Marvel create their own convention?  How scary was that New Mutants trailer?  How scary was that Last Jedi trailer?  Does Emperor Palpatine need to be greased up? (Wait, how did that question get in there?) Listen to find out, and try not to throw up a little.

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In this first episode of Superhero Therapy, Dr. Janina Scarlet & Dustin McGinnis talk about the psychological meanings depicted in Harry Potter's life.  Did he suffer from PTSD? What do the boggarts represent?  What are the pros and cons of house placement?  They'll discuss all of these questions and more.

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As we begin another season of The Gamer's Dominion, we're diving right into a Halloween theme!  Genese and Scott talk with Alex Wer (known as The Pumpkin Geek) about how he merged fandom/gaming with pumpkin carving.  We also announce a drawing for a Super Mario-themed pumpkin!

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Scott talks with Eileen O'Connell about her role (Aunt Maxine) in the new Sigmund and the Sea Monsters series (on Amazon).

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Last week, Darth Taxus asked the geeks to predict what My Little Pony: The Movie would score on Rotten Tomatoes. You'll hear the results and find out how much they know about the ponies.  They'll also discuss the new Sigmund and the Sea Monsters show that's coming to Amazon.  Plus, everyone will share what New York Comic-Con news caught their attention, including retro themes, comics, famous people in costumes, animation and more.  Then, we find out who has had the most embarrassing experience at a convention (Scott and Jeff make that a close one).  Finally, we'll play the geek version of Password - GEEKWORD.

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Scott talks about Comic Book Noob, a new podcast and the Gamer's Dominion Halloween drawing.

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Last week, Jeff and Regina engaged in a passionate disagreement about Star Trek Discovery.  This week we find out how that debate continued past the show and into text messaging.  We'll also learn if anything has changed since the second episode of the series was released.  In other TV talk, Scott reviews Young Sheldon and Regina shares her thoughts on Inhumans.  So, why is James Cameron making another Terminator?  Better yet, why is he continuously DUMPING on Wonder Woman?  Is it fair to pit Sarah Connor against Diana Prince?  David Bowie could've been the new Blade Runner villain, so Darth Taxus wants to know what other musicians would make great villains (and screamers).  The geeks will also react to Danny Elfman's comments about his approach to the Justice League soundtrack and make Rotten Tomatoes predictions for My Little Pony: The Movie.

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Scott talks with Coby Bell about his role in the Fox/Marvel series 'The Gifted'.  They discuss the challenges his character (Jace Turner) faces while tracking the Strucker family.  They also work in some fun talk about comic-con and action figures.

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The Inhumans are coming to ABC, and these characters are going to be new to a lot of viewers.  So, today on the show, we'll share some information about the characters featured in the series.

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