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With Spider-Man Homecoming hitting theaters in just a few days, we discuss the comic book villain that will be featured in the film.  This week's show is all about The Vulture. Learn all about him before you see the movie!

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This week, we finally get to review Wonder Woman, as well as talk about the reactions of kindergartners.  GANNIN ambushes us with a call from a guy named Al who claims to be with an anti-fake geek organization.  John Phelan is back with a Wonder Woman-themed "Moment in Geek History".  We also discuss Danny Elfman taking on the Justice League soundtrack, a kid who got to be a Ghostbuster for a day, some new Stranger Things toys and more.

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This week, Genese welcomes Tiffany Ojeda and Mia Dallas of Tandem Canon (a video gaming podcast).  They discuss favorite video games, news from E3, the state of virtual reality gaming and more.

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This week, we take time to remember Adam West by discussing Batman, Family Guy, convention appearances and more. GANNIN makes us tell a bizarre Ironman story featuring cotton candy, paint and Dr. Phil.  Other topics discussed this week include the new poster/trailer for Black Panther, the recent Richard Donner tribute, the newly released photos from Mary Poppins Returns and whether or not we should be concerned with Tony Stark's connection to the Spider-Man movie.

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This week, Scott and Jeff discuss Weird Science, another memorable comedy by John Hughes.  Also, Anthony Michael Hall talks about what it was like working with Hughes and having to play Kelly LeBrock's love interest at such a young age.  If you choose to listen while wearing a bra on your head, we won't tell anyone. 

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To us, Princess/General Leia will always be royalty.  Today's episode is all about her. First, we talk to Dr. Annalise Ophelian about the fangirl documentary, Looking For Leia.  We'll also discuss whether or not Leia should be re-cast in order to continue her originally planned story in the new trilogy.  Finally, we'll talk about her role outside the film (but within canon).

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This week, Regina and Scott discuss the powerful and popular Spider-Man villain...Venom!

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This week we take an in-depth look at the long wait for a Wonder Woman movie, including the different Wonder Woman shows and attempts to put Wonder Woman on the big screen.  With news coming out about wait times for the Guardians of the Galaxy ride and the Pandora Theme Park, we discuss how much time is worth waiting in line.  GANNIN asks us about Kirstin Dunst's comments about Spider-Man movies and Hayley Atwell's comments about Agent Carter's third season.

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Genese is traveling this week, so we'll look back on her interview with Leah Hoyer of Telltale Games.

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Star Wars has officially turned 40 years old, and we mark that with a variety of Star Wars topics, including never released toys, a movie called 5-27-77, an interview with the clumsy Stormtrooper, a 40 year old Wookiee apology, and the Lucasfilm proclamation about Rey's lightsaber.  Andy from Holy Batcast stops by to share his reaction to the Wonder Woman movie.  Also, Jeff and Regina share their thoughts on the horror-themed X-Men spin-off movie.  All this, and we apologize in advance for the amount of juvenile humor heard in this episode.

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