The Geek Supreme

Next summer, we get to hang out with time travelers Bill & Ted, but not before we go back to 1980s Hawkins for a third time!  In his 88 years, William Shatner looks like he's time traveled to a younger age, and we know Captain Kirk has experienced a sling-shot around the sun.  So, today we'll react to the Stranger Things Season 3 trailer and the announcement to Bill & Ted 3.  Darth Taxus will challenge the geeks with a "strange 80s things" game and a time travel-themed "would you rather" challenge.  We'll discuss some of the best Captain Kirk moments as well.  Finally, with all of the Batman casting rumors floating around,  Taxus asks the geeks to read Batman lines as different celebrities.  How good are the impersonations?  You be the bat-judge!

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